Thursday, April 8, 2010

Japan Tour 2010

Libera's Spring Tour starts in Japan today! This is a slightly blippy video of their appearance on a Japanese TV show called NTV Don. It seems like their interpreter isn't quite fast enough for the host's comments, so most of the time the boys just stand there smiling trying to figure out what's going on. The lady standing just to the left of the host near the end of the video has a really funny hat on which gave me a good laugh. The funniest part of the video for me was when they asked someone to try and speak Japanese. Josh decided to give it a shot, much to the audience's humor. Well, good for him for trying! All of the boys look like they just got new haircuts, especially Josh, who in earlier videos had his hair in his eyes. They all look great!

There's another video of them singing "Far Away" on this show, but the video quality is even poorer. It's so cool that they get to spend their school breaks traveling to exotic places. It's hard work, but I bet they have a lot of fun, too. They sure MAKE it look fun. Have a great tour, Libera!

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