Sunday, May 2, 2010

Behind The Scenes of Peace Album

There's a set of videos called "On Set With Libera." The first one is about the making of the Time video. Can I first say, "Oh, wow! At 0:36 you can see Tom Cully!" O.K. Now the best part is seeing Josh getting makeup put on his face. Only HE could look good, no great, having that done!

The next one is about the making of the Deep Peace video. Mini James is so cute! He says, "I really like the Deep Peace one cause like...cause all like...drifting around in the foggy stuff. And it's just really relaxing."

The third video is about the album photoshoot. It has nice interviews with Ben, Josh and Liam where they talk about how they really enjoy doing photo shoots. And we really love their photos and videos!

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