Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Libera's Message to the Philippines

Libera just posted on their Facebook page -

"We are greatly saddened by the news of the terrible rains and loss of life in Manila.. We have many good friends in the Philippines and our thoughts and prayers are with them all at this sad time."

Heavy monsoon rains have caused at least 11 deaths and left 20% of Manila under water. There are some pictures of the flooding and rescue efforts here. Praying for you all! Stay strong!

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  1. hello lexi! been busy for a while that i wasn't able to read and viewed the pics of the channel islands concerts. oh well, yes - my area was among the hardest hit (roxas district), downstream where most of the houses are of light materials. water came from somewhere the garage but thank God, it was just ankle-deep compared to them which is past human height. i had a "little" nervous breakdown and since that strong typhoon that hit us years back(ondoy), i have somehow learned to hate the rains.

    anyway, that was so sweet of libera and i hope i'm among the "good friends" they've mentioned about! LOL!! an avid fan, i should say.

    thank you for sharing again the wonderful reviews and pictures. and wow, you're entering college? what university are you in now? so you'll be moving out of home? oh, mom will be sad by then!! anyway, i wish you luck as college life will be a bit tough now. best regards.