Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jersey Concert #2


Rave reviews are coming in for Libera's 2nd concert in Jersey! Could they get any better than the 1st concert? They usually do! 

The song list was the same, but they tweeked the lighting and staging. Fan de LoK reports that "today's concert is just perfect! Faithful Heart soooo moving! What a wonder to be here to see and hear that song." Dani said that Thomas' high notes in Faithful Heart "were amazing", and Isaac on Song of Life was "out of this world." And Yorkie said there were 26 "A" games. That means all 26 boys sang brilliantly! :D

Sounds like the concert was awesome! Way to go, Libera! Everyone who went was so lucky to be there!!!!

Here are some pictures taken by Dani at the 2 Jersey concerts. If you copy them, please give her credit.

Jersey Concert #1 - Luke, Kavana, (Henry hidden), Anthony, Daniel, Matthew R-A, Tiarnan

Jersey Concert #1 - , Dylan, Michael U-R, , Ben, Eoghan

Jersey Concert #1 - Dylan, Michael U-R, Ben, Eoghan

Jersey Concert #2 - Josh, Adrian, Jakob, Sam, Matthew M, Matthew J, Kuba

Jersey Concert #2 - Bertie, Thomas, Michael M

Jersey Concert #2 - Bertie, Tom, Michael M, Isaac peeking around :D

Can't wait for more concerts in Guernsey! Have a fun holiday, Libera!


  1. This looks nice! I want to check out a couple of your other messages. Thank you!

  2. Thanks! I like your name, mini fan! :D Some of my most popular posts are for concerts I went to like USA 2010 & 2011 and Canada 2011. My mom went to Singapore this year, too. Lots of good pictures & videos! :D