Thursday, August 16, 2012

Old Libera Photo & Article

Just found an article about Libera from February 2000! It was written by the Diocese of Southwark and includes a photo I've never seen before!

Steven Geraghty, unknown, Liam O'Kane, Adam Harris

Does anyone know who the second boy is? The photo looks like it's from 1997-1999, however, based on what the boys look like.

They had just changed their name to Libera, and there's a surprise in the article that I highlighted! The article says:

"Choristers from St. Philip's Church in Norbury are in the charts at the moment alongside the likes of Nigel Kennedy and Lesley Garrett.

Their debut CD album 'Libera' has been hovering around, and in, the top 10 classical record charts for several weeks now, and is shortly due for release in Europe and the USA.

Hoping to reach a wider audience than those who usually buy records of church music, the choir has recorded under the name 'Libera' - the boys have also recorded as 'Angel Voices'.

The music is mostly the work of the St Philip's music director, Robert Prizeman, with some tracks written with co-producer and one-time head choirboy, Ian Tilley. The CD is available in high street shops, on the Warner Classics label."

We knew Ian Tilley was in the St. Philip's Boys Choir, but did not know he was head choirboy! :D

If you'd like to see the article, click here.


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