Monday, August 6, 2012

Libera Is In Guernsey, Channel Islands!

Libera was seen traveling by ferry from Jersey to Guernsey today. They should be there by now. Some fans also travelled on the same ferry last week.

Ferry from Jersey to Guernsey. Red shirts are a youth sports team from Germany.
 Picture by Fan de LoK.

Guernsey has so many Libera concert fliers up! They are on all of the buses!

Picture by Fan de LoK

Picture by Fan de LoK

Hope this means Libera will get lots of new fans! The fliers show that the Guernsey concerts are "in association with Headway Guernsey." :D It is a charity for adults with brain injuries. Libera also supported Headway Jersey.

Vazon Bay, Guernsey. Picture by Fan de LoK

Looks like everyone will have a fun time! Concert tomorrow night! :D


  1. The entire Libera entourage were on the Condor Vitesse fast ferry from Jersey to Guernsey this morning (6th August 2012) and were spotted by a number of loyal fans who were also on the same boat!

  2. Thanks, Anon! Hope you had fun at the concerts! :D