Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yorkie's Guernsey Review & Pictures

If you can't go to a Libera concert, what's the next best thing? No, not an illegally uploaded video of the concert! Pictures and videos from other fans who WERE there! That's what I try to share when I get to go to concerts. Thankfully, there are other fans who also like to share with us all!

Yorkie is from Yorkshire, England, and he got to go to all 4 Channel Islands concerts! He took some really nice pictures and did a nice review which you can read here in the 3rd entry down.

I like that he thought the lighting was the best ever! And I'm wondering which boy has the perfect Bieber haircut! I could take a guess! lol.

I love his "Cassius had jam or some stain on robe at start of second half in G2 – just as they did the speech about keeping robes spotless from orange squash!" That's OK, Cassius! It happens to me, too! lol.

Yay for Josh! His piano playing on Ave Verum was excellent! He also directed the "Sanctus" video for Japan TV. Maybe he's going to work for Libera all the time! :D

And I like to see Libera concerts multiple times in a row, too! Every concert is different, and you notice things you didn't notice before, like who's singing a certain part or funny things the boys do. It's awesome!

Thank you, Yorkie, for the great review and pictures! Here's just a few of them. :D

Aren't the little ones just SO cute?!!! :D

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