Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Jersey/Guernsey Photos from Martin

Martin is a Libera fan from Germany. He went to all 4 concerts in the Channel Islands and said it was the best holiday of his life! He drove to Saint Malo in France, visited Mont Saint Michel (I want to visit there, too!) and took a ferry to Jersey. He told everyone at the hotel and after Mass on Sunday about Libera's concerts. A family from Germany who had never heard of Libera went to the concert and really enjoyed it! Other people from his hotel went also! That's awesome!!! :D

He sent his pictures to share with everyone! They're really nice! Someone said one of the boys has Bieber hair. I'm noticing some pretty awesome hair on a lot of them! lol.

Thank you so much, Martin! Wish I could've been there in Jersey and Guernsey, too! If you copy any pictures, please give him credit!

Jersey #1

Daniel is looking right at the camera! Hi, Daniel! :D

They're all so cute!

Jersey #2

Love this one!


End of encore! You can see Mr. Prizeman on the left.

As the music echoes at the end...

I love this one with Mr. Prizeman, too!

2-handed wave from Isaac! :D


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  1. wow! his pics are quite nice. great shots, Martin :)