Sunday, August 19, 2012

Libera's Blog - Jersey & Guernsey Part 1

Well, I'm super busy getting ready for university, but I'm NEVER too busy for one of my favorite things...Libera's blog about their tours! I love these!!! Let's relive the Jersey part of the tour through whichever-boy-it-is-who-wrote-this's eyes! You can read their blog here. :D

Rehearsal on Jersey

Wow! It seems like they had a lot of fun on Jersey! It's nice to have a more laid-back tour every now and then, and it certainly seems like this was one of those. They had a nice few first days, rehearsing, walking around, relaxing, and watching movies. It sounds like they really enjoyed singing in St. Thomas's church, and how could they not? Between the amazing acoustics and the food..."C’est supercool! (oh, and we’ve been practicing some nearby language)!" lol.

Cassius O'Connell-White & Matthew Madine handing out concert flyers.

And of course they had to have a competition on who could hand out the most pamphlets. They're boys. That's what they do! lol. Besides, who wouldn't want to come to their concert with those charming accents and those cute faces smiling up at you! :D

Ben Fairman, Isaac London & Matthew Madine at aMaizin! Adventure Park.

Then they had the two excellent concerts "with lots of boys doing new solos and harmony parts" and headed off for more fun! The aMaizin! Adventure Park sounds like a blast! And corn mazes are so fun! Ours have high platforms so the parents can look out and find their kids if they get lost! :D

But wait! There's more! Off they went to the other side of the island to stay at a hostel for their choir holiday! Our writer describes everything as "short." A short flight, a short drive. Compared to flying halfway around the world or driving across the US, this really WAS short! 

Chess master, Adrian Sheard! :D

Their first day there was filled with playing games and walking - I tell the kids I babysit that we're "exploring" - and a movie night.

Cassius O'Connell-White somewhere in a corn field!

Super glad they got to watch some of the Olympics, especially since it was happening in their home town! "Various cheers for various countries, all sorts." Yay! We cheered for some of your athletes, too! ;D

Explorations and discoveries!

It seems like they had a lot of fun at the Durrell Zoo and the beach! Wonder which boys got buried up to their heads?! :D Can't wait to hear what they did on Guernsey! More fun to come...!


  1. Thanks for taking the time from your university preparations to post this, Lexi! It looks like the boys were having a fabulous time just being boys and playing in the wet sand on the beach. Unless the boys have packed multiple T-shirts and cargo shorts as part of their uniform/playclothes, I imagine that the chaperones were kept busy figuring out where and how the outfits could be laundered or cleaned! By the way, Lexi, I wish you great success as you embark upon your university career!

  2. Wow, mind-blowing blog! We have booked the tickets, we have booked the hotel and we are going Guernsey next week only, I know this is the great time to go to guernsey, weather-wise is too pleasant isn’t it? I love your post, can u please tell us what are more things to do I mean what to do in guernsey?