Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guildford Pictures from Martin

Our friend, Martin from Germany, went to Libera's concert in Guildford, UK. He sent pictures to share with everyone! They're nice cause you can see lots of the newbies. If you copy, please give credit to him. Thank you, Martin! :D

There were 10 newbies and 2 kinda newbies who were only at the London concert in November 2012. Can you guess who is who? We're looking for:

1.   Shay Balsekar
2.   Gabriel Collins (Luke & Jude's little bro)
3.   Alexander Gula
4.   Timothy Lee
5.   James Menezes (probably Michael's little bro or cousin?)
6.   Alexander Montoro (new Nov 2012)
7.   Philip Russ
8.   Eoin Sherry
9.   Camden Stewart (new Nov 2012)
10. Rocco Tesei
11. Jamie Trinder
12. Mark Ustynovych-Repa (Michael's little bro)  

Michael U-R, Ben F, Alessandro, Tom, Jude, newbie, Cassius, newbie, Anthony B,
Marc, newbie, Matthew J, newbie (maybe Luke & Jude's brother Gabriel?), 
Eoghan, newbie, Kavana, Henry, Ralph, newbie

Marc, newbie, Matthew J, newbie, Eoghan, newbie, Kavana, Henry, Ralph, newbie,
Carlos, Liam, Luke, Daniel, Matthew R-A, Matthew M, Oscar, smiling newbie, 
tall newbie, Anthony K-M, little newbie talking to tall newbie, Sam W, 
newbie (maybe Michael M's brother James?), Kuba

So many cute faces! Can't see the newbie behind Luke.

Daniel, Matthew R-A, Matthew M, Oscar, newbie, tall newbie, Anthony K-M, newbie, 
Sam W, newbie James Menezes?, Kuba, newbie (maybe Michael U-R's brother Mark?), 
Ciaran, Bertie, Dylan, Isaac, Lucas, Michael M

Ignore the hands in front cause there are so many cute faces to see!

Waving good bye! Can see the newbie behind Kavana really well!
 Anthony B, Kavana, Ralph & Luke are looking right at the camera!

Sign advertising the concert outside Holy Trinity Church of England.

He scanned the program but I'm only putting up 6 of the 16 pages. You can get the whole thing by donating to Libera on their web site.

I LOVE the picture along the bottom of these 2 pages!


  1. If You go to part six of, (toward the end) there is a photo of two boys enlarged from a smaller photo of newbies.

    Since these boys weren't grouped with the newbies, and stood in front of the "Big Boys" in the back row (according to Johan from the Netherlands) for the whole concert, they are probably Camden Stewart and Alex Montoro.

  2. tem um menino que parece estar com sono na foto... hehehe quem é ele??????????

  3. hello ... where can i buy the ticket for their concert here in philippines ??? :D