Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Official Pictures from Guildford Concert 2013

Libera posted a bunch of great pictures from the Guildford concert! Oh my goodness, Andy is getting really good at taking pictures! You can see them all of the pics here.

These are some of my favorites. Yeah, that would be all of them. lol.

                                                        Matthew R-A, Dylan, Cassius, Michael U-R, Matthew J

                                              Smart little newbies playing chess! Anthony K-M is on the right.


                                                                                Another cute newbie!

                                                                        Busy reading before the concert

                            Eoghan and Carlos signing programs before the concert. Looks like Liam in the back.

                                                      My favorite! Daniel, Liam and Ralph are in the center.


                                                                                           Michael M

                                                                                        Michael U-R


                                                                    Love this one of Michael and Ciaran!

                                                                       Best buds! Ben, Michael and Ciaran.

                                                                          Blue light with instrumentalists         


Thank you, Libera! Can't wait for more pics from your next concerts!


  1. hi Lexi.. I think you did a little mistake on the sixth picture. perhaps you intends to write Eoghan and Carlos.It more looks like Eoghan I think :)well, it's just what I think. yhanks for share ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, you're right! That IS Eoghan! I checked and he DID sign the programs with an orange sharpie also! Thanks so much! :D

  3. I was there,an incredible concert. Libera,the choir that saved my life and brought me back after a serious stroke last year! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! When and where is your next concert?