Thursday, July 31, 2014


I'm calling this "Moose," but don't confuse it with "The Loose Moose." This Moose is Libera's mascot who travels the world with them and often shows up on stage with them.

Libera made a video where Alex, Sam, and Alessandro introduce us to Moose's American cousins.

Alessandro: Hi. I'm Alessandro.

Sam: I'm Sam.

Alex: And I'm Alex.

All: And we're called Libera.

Alessandro: Good morning. This is Moose. He's the most traveled moose in the world. Here are his US cousins. Hello and hello.

Sam: If you become a Friend of "Libera of the United States,"you can get one of these Mooses.

Alex: Moose is going to be with us at the concert in Washington on the 7th of August.

Sam: That's all from us for now.

All: Bye!

If you donate at, you can get a Moose, too! If you get a Moose, please send me a picture at Here's mine -

The bag is a limited edition bag from Libera's Kennedy Center benefit in London in June.

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