Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fan Videos from Washington DC Meet & Greet

Libera had a Meet and Greet after the Washington DC concert. It was REALLY great and fun! I took a video, but it's REALLY long, so it'll be a few days before I can post mine.

Several fans posted their videos. Thanks to them for sharing!

This is a video of the boys walking into the Meet and Greet posted by FanDeLoK. You can see the people lined up behind them waiting to get autographs.

The second video is by Philip Van. He posted the video with music in the background as well as this one without music so you can hear what the boys are saying.

We find out that Bertie has been in the choir for 3 years. Tiarnan says that the Basilica is probably the best place they've ever sung - it's quite big. A lady ahead in line keeps asking who Sam Leggett is. lol. She then asks who sang the high part, and Tom says, "That was me."

Sam Wiggin says that the choir practices 4 times a week. Kavana reveals that they stayed in the US for 5 more days after the concert and that they might be coming back to the US!

And oh my word, Gabe cuteness alert! Cassius calls Gabe a small midget to which Gabe replies, "I'm not the youngest, OK? I'm older than 3 people. And I'm still the smallest. Actually I'm not the smallest. lol.

This third video by Enjay Sea is especially great because you can hear Isaac say his lines in Gaelic from the concert. Daniel says that he's been singing in the choir for about 7 years. It turns out that Alex Gula did NOT draw on the table. It was Matthew Madine and his green marker. (Actually a lot of markers bled through fabric onto the tablecloth. lol.) Isn't Ben so sweet to sleepy Marc? Hugs! :)


  1. Thanks so much for posting the videos. The boys are so gracious with their supporters, even though they all must have been tired (not just Marc). I have always been impressed by how well they handle the various aspects of touring - credit goes to all the adults who work with Libera in getting them ready for concerts and other parts of a tour. These boys are learning valuable life lessons that will stay with them long after they have moved on to other chapters in their lives. As far as getting sleepy, it must have been well after 10 o'clock. My own brother, when he was around the age of Ben, Tom and other boys, was out like a light by 9 o'clock! When we'd visit friends of my parents, that's the time he'd fall asleep on the couch in their den!

  2. Hey, Lexi. Just wondering when you would post your own video. Thanks so much! God bless!