Friday, June 11, 2010

Liam O'Kane

Well, while we're celebrating the accomplishments of past Libera members who are going on to have their own careers, I thought I'd post this newer video I found of Liam O'Kane.

I didn't know a lot about Liam except to see him on old Libera videos. One website says he was born May of 1984 (10 years before me!) and sang in Libera from 1992 through at least 1999. He had a fabulous voice when he was little. He has continued his singing career with a ska band, Jimmy the Squirrel, and a new solo album out called "Happy Days Sad Songs." That is also the name of this single.

In a BBC interview he explains that he is a really happy person (me, too!), but a lot of music on the radio is sad. So he made a happy song with sad words. I love this! And I love happy people! Great song, great voice!

Liam also has a MySpace page at

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