Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Atlanta Concert Tickets & Other Info

Tickets to the August 10 Atlanta concert are now available for $10. general seating. Click on http://www.peachtreepres.org/MusicConcertsEvents.aspx to purchase with a credit card. Please note that Libera will be in the Williams Center after the concert, with their CD's for sale and to sign autographs!  :)

Also, the Dallas church's website has the Libera concert poster for the August 1 concert (copy is now in my Aug. 10 post below) with "Travel Complications Resolved" underneath. So THAT is the reason for the date push-back. Hope a lot of people can still go to the concert. I can't go, but am REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone else's pictures, videos and descriptions of the concerts! I don't really want my summer to go by quickly, but THAT part of summer can't come soon enough! lol

This is a promotional video for the St. Louis concert that was done by St. Louis Cathedral Concerts:

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