Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spread The Word!

Libera posted this on their Facebook page:

To all our USA supporters: Can you help? We hope that lots of people will come to our concerts when we are on tour - so if you have friends or relatives or media contacts in the cities we are visiting why not let them know! Also can you share our music with your friends - perhaps via our YouTube site? Finally we would like lots more people to join us here at Facebook - what about your friends? We are close to 17000 Fans and lots of those are in the Philippines - but we are sure the USA could overtake the Philippines!

So come on people! Let's do this! I hope that all the USA Libera fans will TRY to see at least one of their concerts. We watch longingly as fans in other countries get to see them live and then post their awesome pictures and videos. We WISH that we could go. It looks so fun! But then when we FINALLY get Libera concerts right here in the good old US of A, we don't want to drive to see them? (Yeah, I know some people are genuinely too far away to drive. The most we drive is 15 hours to Colorado and 20 hours to Florida.) But they're coming for us! We don't know when they'll be back. Let's go see them! You can't beat those ticket prices!

We're going to be driving because it's cheaper for us than flying. My parents are driving to the St. Louis concert without me :( because I'm in Band Camp that week. My mom WAS going to drive the 14 1/2 hours to Dallas to take me to those concerts, but now they are also during Band Camp. So hopefully I will be going to the Nashville and Atlanta concerts. Nashville is a 7 1/2 hour drive, and Atlanta is another 4 hours, but it's worth it!

Now, is Libera baiting us to challenge the Philippines? There are over 300 million people in the US. - OF COURSE we can beat the Philippines! lol  Let's show them how many fans they have here and share, share, share! If you have a Facebook account, become a fan of Libera's FB page. Send invites to your FB friends. Post those awesome YouTube videos on your wall or Slide FunSpace. Libera is sooo close to 17000 fans! You can also e-mail the links to the YouTube videos for people NOT on Facebook. That's how I found out about Libera in the first place. So come on Libera fans! Let's show Libera how much we love them!

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