Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eternal Light Video - Director's Cut

What an awesome surprise!!! There's a "new" old video of Eternal Light that I never saw before. It's the "Director's Cut" version of the full Eternal Light video! :D

Let me say first that Stefan Leadbeater was the first Libera voice I ever heard live in Nashville 2010. I love his singing so much! He's just perfect in this video.

If you remember, Libera hinted at a video they were filming for a new song back in September 2010. They released the first Eternal Light video on YouTube on November 9, 2011 which you can see here. Then they filmed a shortened version of Eternal Light for Songs of Praise which you can see here.

The director posted his "Director's Cut" on YouTube around the same time! It shows that he/she is from Japan! There are so many scenes that we've never seen before! And some of the boys look so little and young! But it's still the same, beautiful song!

Some scenes are familiar from the first video but clearer -

Josh, Ben, Stefan, Ralph & Daniel at Primrose Hill

The main soloists - Stefan & Ralph

At Chiswick House Gardens
Stefan Leadbeater in front with Jonathan Barrington, Liam Connery,
Sam Leggett, Ben Philipp, Jakob De Menezes-Wood, James Threadgill,
Carlos Rodriguez, Sammy Moriarty, Cassius O'Connell-White, Kavana
Crossley, Freddie Ingles, Henry Barrington, Matthew Rangel-Alvares,
Ralph Skan, Luke Collins, Matthew Jansen, Daniel Fontannaz,
Josh Madine, Alex Leggett and Tiarnan Branson.
James Mordaunt was missing this day.

Stefan in front of Chiswick House

But there are NEW scenes, some filmed underneath green trees -

Love Ben looking up in the trees!

My favorite!!! This could've been the cover for the
Japanese green leaf Peace Deluxe!
Stefan's hand 

Love this one, too!

Awww! They were so little!

Daniel, Ralph, Stefan, Ben and Josh
with London in the distance.

What a great video!

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  1. In the photo which follows the one of Stefan's hand, I had to smile at some of the boys' facial expressions, especially the look on Daniel's face. It looks as though they'd all been caught at some sort of mischief - well, they're boys!