Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eternal Light Music Video

Wow! That was sooner than I thought. Libera uploaded the new yet old "Eternal Light" music video filmed back in September 2010. Awesome!!! First we see Stefan and Ralph who were 12 years old at the time. Now they are big teenagers. Believe me, a year makes a difference to a teen. :) Stefan especially looks so much older now!

Then the 20 other boys are on a bridge with Stefan out in front. (I remember Fan de LoK figuring out it was Primrose Hill and even visiting the spots.) There's also scenes of the 5 boys - Josh, Ben, Stefan, Ralph and Daniel - on the hill overlooking London. And 5 boys up in the portico of a building (I'm guessing Luke, Kavana, Daniel, Freddie and Carlos?) with the other boys staggered down the steps and Stefan out front again.

I love the scene of the 5 boys from behind, robes blowing in the wind, so we can see London out in the distance. And I love how Stefan always looks so happy and satisfied while he's singing. Like he really loves this song and there's nothing he'd rather be doing. :)

Thanks, Libera for sharing this new/old video with us! :D

The Dynamic Duo!


  1. Methinks they went to the Joshua Madine School of Smiling. Aren't more boys smiling while singing these days? It's infectious! :D

  2. It's a wonderful video, isn't it? As has been pointed out by posters on other forums, its simplicity is what makes this video so beautiful. No special effects or overcrowded sets - just the boys singing. Well done, Libera!