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Libera on BlissTV

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This was one of THE BEST Libera videos I have ever seen!!! I'm dying laughing at my computer! Isaac, Cassius, Kavana, Michael and Jude went on BlissTV to introduce songs on their Christmas Carol Takeover show. This must be what the boys are like all the time, but most of the time they clip or edit out the really crazy parts! I love it like this! Just the way the boys introduce themselves is funny! Jude sounds like a sports announcer. My mom say Isaac sounds like one of the Beatles, and Cassius and Kavana do these really funny head/eyebrow things.

Apparently Josh is now 100 meters tall! I love the look on Kav's face when Cassius says that! :D Side note: Are we supposed to call them a "boy band" or a "choir?" I'm so confused!

Moving on...I think I like Cassius' version of "Walking In the Air." It goes something like this: "I'm walking in the air...and the rest I have forgott-en. I think it goes on about snow-men..." Kav's eye-roll and facepalm make this all the more PRICELESS!

The next song is *insert waving hands around* "Wonderful Christmastime."

Adding to the physical craziness is the little dance that everyone does when Cassius says, "Shakin' Stevens." Or does he say, "Shakin' It Stevens?" Haha!

 Then Kavana says it's time for a break now. Isaac seems genuinely disgusted with this, saying "Agh," rolling his eyes and shaking his head. So funny! Don't these people know he has stuff to do today?!

Next Jude sings the title "Last Christmas" and they all make a punching move when they say "Wham!" And were they not expecting Cassius to break out the Donald Duck voice? He's even better at it now! It gave everyone a good laugh anyway!

I think the "Silent Night" bit was my absolute favorite! Here is their list of the noises that keep them from having a literal silent night: Cars, trains, planes, buses, helicopters, boats, washing machines, cats, dogs (this one is much agreed upon), dishwashers, mice (this one is debated for a while), and apparently in Jude's house those times when "my mum even shouts at me dad in an argument." :D Isaac decides it is time to be done and emphasizes that point by putting Cassius' hand into Cassius' face with a "We've had enough, mate." lol!

When Cassius announces the song "Let It Snow," Isaac again sighs and rolls his eyes like "Will this never end?" This kid is sooo funny! And Cassius is very thoughtful about the fact that there is snow on their Christmas album even though the picture was taken in the middle of summer. lol Here is their list of favorite snow activities -

Jude: Snowball fights - always fun...except when you lose and get pelted with snowballs. lol (I have a cousin who always wins)

Kavana: Sledging? Sledding? - this one I agree whole-heartedly with, if he means sledding. lol. It's one of my favorite snow activities.

Cassius: Making "massive" (how big is debatable) snowball forts. This one is extremely fun too, and works well with Jude's favorite activity!

Isaac: Putting snow down Cassius' back...hmm...prankster right there everyone! :D

I'm guessing Isaac doesn't enjoy Jessica Simpson's "Let It Snow." Just watch his face. lol

On to the Glee segment. Isn't Michael so cute?! I love the argument over who is the biggest Glee fan which Kavana is forced to split up. Isaac again tries to silence Cassius by bonking his nose with the CD. Jude cracks me up with "Stuff it, you lot." Hahaha! Who is the biggest fan really? The world may never know...

OK, so the "Silent Night" bit may have some competition for my favorite from the "Christina Gorilla" one! KAVANA CRACKS ME UP! That accent! Christina Aguilera! Hahahaha!!! Love it!!! :D :D :D And it apparently warrants a tap on the nose from Isaac!

At the end Kavana does a magic trick and pulls a copy of their album seemingly out of nowhere! This was such a great video guys! I'm still laughing! :D Thank you to Michael for recording it off the TV for all of us!

Picture from the BlissTV twitter page.

All: Hello. We're Libera.

Jude: And welcome to our Christmas Carol Takeover. I'm Jude.

Isaac: I'm Isaac.

Cassius: I'm Cassius.

Kavana: I'm Kavana.

Michael: I'm Mike(?)

Isaac: We all, well basically, we all come from lots of different schools in South London.

Cassius: We have some young ones like Isaac here. He's only 8, actually. And we have LOTS of older ones who are like 17 or 16. And like Josh. He's like 100 meters tall.

Kavana: Some people describe Libera as a classic "boy band," as we're called. But we're more of a choir, and we sing our own twists on little Christmas things and Christmas carols that you hear in this Christmas Carols Takeover. Up next is "Walking In the Air" by Aled Jones, who's one of our great friends. We EVEN sang at his wedding.

Cassius: And I think I know how some of it goes. It goes, "I'm walking in the air. And the rest I have forgotten. I think it goes on about snowmen."

Jude: Our next song is going to be played and sung by Paul McCartney which is called "Wonderful Christmastime."

All: It's Christmas!!

Michael: That's right. Um, coming up next, it's Slade.

Isaac: Up next is...

Cassius: "Merry Christmas, Everybody (one)"

All: by Shakin' Stevens.

Kavana: It's time for a break now, but join us, Libera, back here very soon.

Jude: Hello. We are Libera. Our next song is "Last Christmas" by...

All: Wham!

Jude: Our next song is called "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day." Actually, Disney released a video with Donald Duck's 3 nephews wishing it would be Christmas every day. Wishful thinking. It did happen. They got so bored.

Cassius in Donald Duck voice: I wish it could be Christmas every day!

Kavana: Our next song is "Silent Night." Although, when we go to sleep we don't actually have a silent night. Do we?

All: No. There's like cars, trains, planes, buses, helicopters, boats,...

Isaac: Washing machines.

Jude: Cats, dogs.

Kavana: Dishwashers.

Cassius: Especially MY dog. My dog, yeah, she just barks through the night. She's not...?

Kavana: Mice.

Cassius: What?!!

Kavana: Not really. You can get mice. I have a pet mouse.

Jude: And even sometimes my mum even shouts at me dad in an argument.

Isaac: I think we've had enough, everyone.

Cassius: There's a lot of noises, so it's quite hard to get to sleep.

Isaac: We've had enough, mate.

Cassius: Hello. Coming up next is "Let It Snow." And actually there's snow on our Christmas Album, even though we took that picture right in the middle of summer. So, I don't get why it's snowing. Do any of you? No, I wouldn't think so.

Jude: Anyway, when it snows I like to have a snowball fight.

Kavana: Sledding.

Cassius: I love making snowball forts, like massive ones like urggg...  Oh, that's not big, is it? A bit bigger.

Kavana: That big.

Isaac: I like putting snow down Cassius' back.

Kavana: Well, anyway, here's Jessica Simpson's "Let It Snow."

Michael: Hello. Up next is Glee with "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Cassius: I'm actually the most amazing fan of Glee.

Isaac: No you're not. I am.

Cassius: No, no, no, I am. I am.

Jude: Stuff it, you lot. I am.

Cassius: No, I am.

Michael: I am.

Jude: I am.

Cassius: I have Season 1 and 2 but not 3 yet because it actually hasn't come out. I'm going to get it when it comes out.

Kavana: I think we can all say that we all love Glee, and we think it's a fantastic show.

Jude: Coming up next we have "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Annie Lennox.

Isaac: Coming up next is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Christina Gorilla.

Kavana: Christina Aguilera! Oh! Christina Aguilera! Christina Gorilla - neh, neh, neh! Christina Aguilera!

Cassius: That was our last song in our Christmas Carol Takeover.

Michael: We hope you enjoyed the selection of music.

Jude: We wish you a merry Christmas.

All: And a happy New Year!

Kavana: Ooh! And don't forget, our Christmas Album is out now.

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  1. This is crazy!!! They are all so cute and lovely. Every one is different but they all togheter are just funny. You may say Isaac and Cassius are cute but Jude with his kiddie face is so adorable!!! Libera is L.O.V.E.