Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Album Preview Video

Libera has a great new video ad for their Christmas Album! It includes footage from a lot of different places, but a lot of it is from the Philippines Christmas concerts!

Michael is sooo cute! "This year we're having a Christmas album which is going to be all Christmas-y." Nano Ben is also super cute talking about his favorite: "In Dulci Jubilo." He says he likes how it's "bouncy and jolly." I like that he uses the word jolly. The word "Jolly" has a very Christmas feel to it. :)

Michael & Barney

Matthew R-A & Nano Ben

Wow, Jude looks old! Growth spurt! It's funny to hear him talking about the "little ones" now. Boy he grew up fast! And I love all the photo shoot pictures! So cute!

Ralph & Jude

Also love how Barney talks about his "buzz" before he goes up to perform, and then they have a video of him being goofy backstage before the concert. :D It must be nice to have a bunch of friends there with you so that if you get nervous, like Michael said, you can just goof off with your friends.

Barney getting his "buzz!"

Jakub doesn't seem nervous. :)

Barney helping Michael smile? Or stretch out his lips? lol.
What is Ralph doing with his ears? 

Cassius is absolutely right about "White Christmas," and I think that's why it is such a classic song. It really has that Christmas feeling to it!

I think this is Stefan singing "White Christmas."

I am in agreement with Kavana about my favorite song. I LOVE "Carol of the Bells" for the same reasons he says. It's so dramatic!

Kav & Ca$$

Ah, and then we get to see some of the boys' videos from the Philippines! I think my favorite is the one of Eoghan spinning around in the chair. It's so perfectly in sync with the music too! LOVE IT! :) Awesome ending! Hope a lot of people get the album! It's really great!

Barney at Philippines M&G.

Eoghan in a gift shop swing.

Kav & Ca$$: Hello! We're Libera.

Kavana: And this is our new Christmas Album.

Michael: This year we're having a Christmas album which is going to be all Christmas-y.

Ralph: It's a unique sound. I mean we have lots of high notes.

Nano Ben: My favorite is "In Dulci Jubilo," cause it's very bouncy and jolly, and it's got lots of high parts.

Jude: We have little ones who can reach really high for our Christmas sound.

Cassius: In our concerts, at the moment, there's lots of different Christmas songs.

              We get to go to so many different places, and it's such an exciting experience.

Barney: It's really an amazing experience, because before you go on stage, you get this like really, really big buzz.

Michael: And sometimes you can get a bit nervous before a concert but also quite excited.

Cassius: Well, my favorite song is probably "White Christmas." It's just a very cheerful song. And it just reminds you of Christmas Day.

Jude: We hope we make this Christmas more special for our fans around the world, because even if they don't get to see us, they can enjoy at home listening to us.

Kavana: I think my favorite is "Carol of the Bells." It's like such a dramatic, fast-paced ???

Love, love, love, love, love the colors of this one!


  1. hi lexi. yes, most of the clips were taken during the PICC concert. i must think they have fallen in love with the philippines! it's stefan definitely who did solo of "white christmas". the "little" choreography they did on carol of the bells was really something. the audience liked that part. there's also a part where a new boy and cassius were explaining something about their robes - and cassius was left alone in mid-stage with his hood over his head (& face). and he sort of marched sideways to be with his group - he was really cute!!

  2. Hey Lexi! Great post! At the end, Kavana says "I think my favorite is "Carol of the Bells." It's like such a dramatic, fast-paced tongue twister."!

  3. Yes! Finally got the CD - playing on repeat all afternoon at work. Kav's right - carol of bells is epic. Sing the Story follows fast behind. Was worried when they announced a Christmas album - normally so samey. Shouldn't have worried of course - it's Libera after all!