Monday, November 7, 2011

"Winter Songs" CD/DVD

Libera's "Winter Songs" CD/DVD was released today in Japan! Our friend, Hagy, says that the DVD is of "Eternal Light," but it is a different version than we've ever seen before. It is the long-awaited video they took outside in a park. These are the photos Libera had shared with us back in September 2010. Lucky Japan! :D

Hagy took some screen captures of "Eternal Light" which you can see on her blog here. The boys all look sooo young compared to now!

Hope this album sells well and that we get to see this video on YouTube soon. Thank you, Hagy! Thank you, Libera! :)


  1. Thats in Primrose Hill Park in London xD I was there on saturday and now I saw the pictures and thought: thats looks like..! And I compared it with my photos and I have one from the same perspective like the picture where you can see the back of the boys. I'm not sure who it is.. Josh, Ben,Liam, Stefan, Daniel..? But well, thats funny xD

  2. Do you know when "Winter Songs" will be released in the US? Because I would love to buy a copy.