Saturday, November 26, 2011

London Concert Picture & Review

Left - Cassius, Jude, Nano Ben, Henry, Dylan, Tom
Center - Daniel, Ralph, Alex, Kavana, Liam, Luke, Tiarnan, Stefan, (Eoghan behind Stefan),
Ben, Barney (Barnaby), Jonathan, Matthew R-A, Josh, Kuba (Jakub), Sammy, Jakob
Right - Mr. Prizeman, Matthew J, Ciaran, Carlos, Michael, Matthew M, Issac

Bullehynka from France attended the London concert and shared this picture with us all! Her pictures are always so great! If you copy, please credit her. The 5 newbies are not pictured. They did not sing all of the songs since they are so new, so sometimes they sat behind the choir. Thank you for the picture, Bullehynka! :D

Fan de LoK from France also attended the concert. He said that "Veni Veni Emmanuel" sung by Josh was the most incredible moment of the concert. "I was first surprised and then moved to tears hearing him singing as he sung. Even now deep, his voice is still full of emotions."

On "Stay With Me," Daniel and Cassius' voices complemented each other perfectly. He couldn't distinguish one from the other.

On "Carol of the Bells," the stage movements were impressive. The boys changed positions all the time! The song is already bouncy and rhythmic, and it was increased by the dynamic they added with their movements.

On "Ave Verum," they timed it perfectly moving from random positions to form the V with everyone decreasing in height from front to back. Jonathan was at the front in Canada, but Josh was again at the front like he was for US 2011.

And he said that Moose was in a Christmas mood and wore some red and green decorations around his neck! :D Thank you, Fan de LoK! Wish we could have been there with you!

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