Saturday, November 5, 2011

Libera Official Philippines Photos

One of my favorite times is here! Libera posted their pictures from the Philippines tour! We always get to see things we'd never see unless they shared their pictures with us. And they're always so fun and funny! Thank you, Libera! :D

OK. These are in time order, but I'm gonna try to make good guesses as to what they are.

Singing "Carol of the Bells" on ASAP Rocks TV show.

Manila Meet & Greet at the Block. We saw this in their blog posting.

Matthew R-A signing under his picture at the Block.
Who got to keep that huge poster? And where did they display it? 

Ralph inviting everyone to the Manila concert.

Big dinner at the AIM (Asian Institute of Management)
with really cool Filipino music and dancing.

Children's Hour donation of the Libera Playground.

At the Children's Hour donation press conference.

Oh my word, Alex, Barney and Matthew! We call this granny-bowling!
Rolling the ball between your legs. lol.
Is this how Liam got his 5 strikes in a row?!! :D

Cute Isaac!

Concert day photo outside AIM in Manila. Love all the little guys lined up
 on the grass and the big boys standing behind. Is Jonathan taking the picture?

Cool rehearsal pic showing how they project image onto big screens. I think. hehe

It's Moose! Even HE has to rehearse.

Reflection in the piano. And we can see one
of the images used on the big screens.

I'm guessing this is "How Shall I Sing That Majesty" cause Eoghan
and Stefan are in the center. Love the stars and spot lights!

Jonathan Ormston & Steven Geraghty. And moody fog. :)

Ready for their flight from Manila to Cebu!
Zest Air should just use Libera for their advertising!

LOVE this picture! Not everyone gets a picture like THIS when they travel!
 The boys with their pilot and flight attendant!

Brighter copy of blog pic when they arrived in Cebu! Cebu!

Aw! This looks like it's maybe Josh's birthday party.
All the boys are gathered around him, and Cassius is making him smile. 
The picture is cropped, but another boy has his arm around him.
Ah, what a way to spend your the Shangri-La. :)

Love this pic of Daniel and Matthew. One of many meals at the Shangri-La?

Sammy making a funny/cute face.

Sunset at the infinity pool at the Shangri-La. Aaaah.

Ha! Everyone wants to go in the water but is trying not to get their shorts wet.
And why is everyone's hood up? I think we need some sunscreen.
Some of them might get a sunburn, but others will just tan. 
Isn't that what you want to get on vacation? lol.

Love this! First glimpse of the custom-made crocs! :D
It's funny how some of them don't even bother trying not to get wet.
And look how perfectly Ciaran rolled up his shorts! Impressive!

Oh my word it's a chocolate fountain! My aunt has one of these!
Is that candied pineapple or mango on a stick?

The nicest picture of Stefan! :D

 Awwww. Cute Ciaran & Michael! Awwww.

Rehearsing for the Cebu concert.

2 cute Matthews! :)

Glad Libera had such a great time on their Philippines tour! 

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  1. I love the photo with the Zest Air plane and their pilot. Hahaha, I've always wanted to have a photo taken at the tarmac whenever I go overseas. It is prohibited, however. Only Libera is allowed to do this (lol)!