Saturday, November 5, 2011

Libera on QVC

Did you wake up with your fellow #Libera fans and watch #Libera on QVC UK? It was 9 am in London but 4 am in Chicago. We had a twitter party with other fans all over the world while watching it. :)

10 boys appeared on QVC UK- Stefan Leadbeater, Barney Lindsell, Matthew Jansen, Daniel Fontannaz, Cassius O'Connell-White, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Luke Collins, Kavana Crossley, Eoghan McCarthy and Ralph Skan. They sang 3 songs. "Joy To the World" was beautiful. The host interviewed Ralph and Kavana. They are so well-spoken.

Then they sang "Carol of the Bells." Stefan, Ralph and Cassius did a great job with their solos. It was all definitely live. I noticed Eoghan singing his part and could distinctly hear his voice. It sounded different with all the lower voices missing, but it was still so amazing! They make that song look so easy.

Then the host interviewed Barney and Cassius. Both did such a great job! Barney said he is 11 years old, and Cassius is too funny. Next was what we were hoping for... "White Christmas" with Stefan soloing! Stunning! Great job, boys! You're all amazing!

Hopefully this will help "The Christmas Album" to hit #1 in the UK when it's released November 21st.

Fan de LoK took 99 screen captures! lol. Here's just a few. Thank you, Fan de LoK! :)

Matthew R-A

Eoghan & Ralph

Stefan, Barney, MJ, Daniel, Cassius, Matthew, Luke, Kavana, Eoghan & Ralph

Cassius & Matthew J.

Barney & Matthew J.


Barney, Matthew J., Cassius & Daniel

The Christmas Album for sale on QVC

Ralph being interviewed


Kavana being interviewed

Stefan & Barney




Cassius being interviewed

Barney being interviewed


Snowflakes light up the floor


While we tweeted, @officiallibera got its 3000th follower on twitter! :D


  1. thanks for posting this :)
    do u know where i can watch the interiew part?

  2. Hi, Natsumi! There is another video with the interviews included that is being uploaded now. Once it's done, I'll replace it with one on blog. :)

  3. hi!
    thanks for posting this!! thanks! thanks!
    i'm from Mexico and in that moment it was 3 am here
    and I tried to stay awake but i couldn't...
    I fell asleep in front of my computer, it's so funny :)
    but thanks to you, i can watch to Libera now
    your blog is awesome, congratulations

  4. Hi, Anna Christina! You're welcome! Sorry you fell asleep but glad you can see them on YouTube. Another video is being uploaded now that will have the interviews on it also. Thank you for visiting here. :)