Friday, November 25, 2011

London Concert

Yuki's picture before the concert started

The London concert starts in just 2 hours! Fan de Lok was lined up at 10:00 am! :D It's very cold in London today. The boys arrived about 30 minutes ago, and Dani reports that all the regular boys are there including Josh, Ben, Liam and Daniel. Hope the concert goes well and that everyone has a wonderful time!


There were 34 boys singing at the concert which included 5 newbies!!! Thanks to Bullehynka for the picture of the program with the boys' names! :D

1.   Henry Barrington
2.   Jonathan Barrington
3.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
4.   Tiarnan Branson
5.   Jude Collins
6.   Luke Collins
7.   Liam Connery
8.   Kavana Crossley
9.   Thomas Delgado-Little
10. Jakob De Menezes-Wood
11. Dylan Duffy
12. Benjamin Fairman
13. Daniel Fontannaz
14. Matthew Jansen
15. Stefan Leadbeater
16. Alexander Leggett
17. Misha Lieven
18. Barnaby Lindsell
19. Isaac London
20. Joshua Madine
21. Matthew Madine
22. Eoghan McCarthy
23. Oscar McFall
24. Michael Menezes
25. Samuel Moriarty
26. Kuba Niedermaier-Reed
27. Cassius O'Connell-White
28. Benedict Philipp
29. Matthew Rangel-Alvares
30. Carlos Rodriguez
31. Ralph Skan
32. Bertie Smart
33. Michael Ustynovych-Repa
34. Lucas Wood

I wonder if Michael Menezes and Lucas Wood are related to Jakob De Menezes-Wood! :D I want to see pictures of them all!

It was a sold-out concert. There were programs and CD's for sale at the door. Sam Leggett and James Mordaunt were sitting in the audience, and Murkskis heard at the concert that Freddie Ingles has moved away and is not in Libera any more. :'( Jakob was standing with the big boys on the back row, so his voice may have changed. 

The song list was the same as for the Philippines concert.

1. Jubilate into Libera - solo Cassius & Barney then Eoghan & Luke
Speech: Barney & Cassius on Josh & Jonathan being oldest
2. Joy to the World
3. Still, Still, Still - solo Ralph
4. Song of Life - solo Ralph
Speech: Cassius & Michael with Moose
5. Sanctus
6. Salva Me - high salvas Matthew R-A
7. Stay With me - still Daniel! & Cassius, descant MRA
Speech: Jude introducing musicians
8. Veni Emmanuel - solo Josh & Ralph - really awesome!
9. Exultate - solo Stefan


10. Carol of the Bells
11. Gloria in Excelsis
Speech: Barney with Cassius on keeping robes clean, big hoods 
12. The Fountain - solo Ralph
13. Eternal Light - solo Stefan
14. Sing the Story - solo Luke
Speech: Liam on voices changing & with Libera since age 8
15. Ave Verum - solo Carlos
16. In Dulci Jubilo
17. Glory to Thee - solo Eoghan
Speech: Nano Ben on how he got his "Nano Ben" nickname - very cute!
18. How Shall I Sing That Majesty - solo Stefan & Eoghan

Encore: White Christmas - solo Stefan

It sounds like it was another amazing concert! Congratulations Libera!!!


  1. I also wonder if Bertie Smart is related to Alfie Smart, the former member of Libera =D

  2. Hi Lexi, last night's concert was totally amazing! I just love it! Hope we can have more concerts in the UK in the future.
    I joined the others to wait for the boys after the concert. But I admit this was not a good idea. For some of the boys' parents (especially those of the little ones) got quite nervous with fans waiting for their sons and I felt really sorry for them. :( And what's more, the Libera staff was quite aware this time so we did not see many boys.
    But still I managed to meet Daniel and Mini Ben. Daniel was just such a nice boy! So nice to all the fans and so kind! And Mini Ben was funny and friendly as I've imagined. This was the first time I got the chance to meet the boys... not bad as a start I suppose. Hope I can attend a M&G session someday. :)
    Oh, btw I sat in the front row this time, so if you like I can send you my report and some photos I took after the concert. :D

  3. I attended the concert in the Philippines but still wished I've made it to the UK concert, too.Song list was the same except that the encore was a traditional Filipino Christmas song which made the concert extra special for the audience. I totally agree that the Veni Emmanuel by Josh and Ralph is totally awesome! It's Daniel doing the solo in the album. So, I'm glad I heard their version live. So, sad to hear about Sam and James. Still keeping my fingers crossed to see them in the future concerts.

  4. Who is Kuba Niedermaier-Reed? Anyone know?

  5. Hi. Anon! That's a very good question! I think you're right! Alfie and Bertie might be brothers! :)

  6. Hi, Lucy! Ahhh! You got to sit on the front row! Bet you had an awesome time. I'd love to post your review and pictures! Thank you! You have my mom's e-mail, right?

    So happy you got to meet Daniel and Ben! They are both super nice. :) Yeah, it's so different in the US getting to meet them. But I still want to go to London for a concert someday. ;)

  7. Hi, mail! Glad you got to see them in the Philippines! And you got to hear songs live that mist of us will never get to hear. I think Sam will still sing with Liberal in the Spring, but I'm not sure about Mini-James. I'm sad about that, too.

  8. Hi, Anon! Mins is Jakub. I heard he likes to be called Kuba. :)

  9. They got Barney's name wrong. Mini-James and Freddie are no longer apart of Libera?! Why so soon?!