Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More London Concert Pictures & Review

Photo by Bullehynka - Daniel, Ralph, Alex, Kavana, Liam, Luke, Stefan,
Ben, Barney, Jonathan, Matthew R-A, Josh, Jakub (Kuba), Sammy, Jakob  

Wow! For a concert that had no Meet & Greet, we're doing pretty well with pictures from the London concert! It's the concert that just keeps giving. :) If you copy, please make sure you credit the photographer. First up is another beautiful picture from Bullehynka from France. This picture is so warm and clear. I like the shadows on their robes. :)

Next are some amazing pictures from Michael (LiberaFan4Ever) from the UK. He saw some of the boys after the concert! :D

Josh looks really happy. He did a great job at the concert.

Ben was so kind and greeted the fans.

Tom Cully! He's still working with Libera behind the scenes. :D

Smiley Daniel is always so nice to greet the fans also. :)

Then we have pictures and a review from Lucy from the UK! :)

I arrived at St George's at about 16:45 and there were already a small group of people waiting. I joined the queue and at about 17:00, the boys arrived. We could see them getting down their couch and entering the dressing room beside the cathedral. It was quite cold but we all cheered up when we saw the boys. However, since they have arrived one gentleman started to film and photo (with flashlight on!) standing right below the windows of the dressing room. Luckily and obviously, I guess the chaperons found this quite soon and we could no longer see the boys through the dressing room windows any more... OK, we should all thank this intrusive gentleman for this. I hoped the chaperons could have stopped him. :(

The cathedral doors opened at about 19:00. I collected my ticket from a lady before the doors open. After I secured my seat in the front row, I went to the back of the cathedral and purchased my programmes and a copy of the Christmas album. I sat in the left hand side, with Mr Prizeman's piano and keyboard in front of me. This time the piano and keyboard were put together so Mr Prizeman did not need to "travel" between the two sides of the stage.

Steven's keyboard was on the right side instead and there was a camera man in front of him. They have small LED Tv screens connected to the camera on each of the pillars so even people sitting at the back could have a close view of the stage.

For the programme, they stated the boys' names in full this time. Like Sammy's name appeared as Samuel and Mini Ben as Benedict. So we can see that Nano Ben was Benjamin Fairman (sounds quite cool, isn't it?) And Barney became Barnaby.

The concert started on time. And it was the same setting as their Philippines tour.

Jubilate+LiberaIt was all dark at first, then I could see several boys entered the stage. I did not figure out who sang the first alleluja but it the second one was from Ralph. This song was always one of my favourites. It transferred into Libera with Eoghan and Luke did the solo parts. But the last high notes, which is my favourite part of this song, were still from Ralph. And he did an amazing job again.

Cassius and Barney's speech to greet the audience.

Joy To the World
Before this song, Mr Prizeman asked the boys to cheer up for the song by waving his hands like dancing, this made us nearly laughed out. What a devoted and funny director he is!

Still, Still, Still
The first row of the boys kneeled during this song. This song was really gentle and calm, and Ralph's solo was perfect.

Song of Life
Ralph's splendid solo again (again, again!). I was nearly in tears during this song. And to me it sounded even better than the CD.

Here Cassius and Mini Michael's speech made people laugh a lot. They introduced us the Moose and "His name is Moose". And they dressed the Moose up with some red and green garlands! They also reminded us not to mistake the Moose with common reindeers, or it will "hurt his feelings". lol

SanctusA classical Libera song. I could hear Stefan's beautiful high notes during the song. And the last Sanctus was by Luke.

Salva Me
The Salvas were done by Matthew RA, but from my seat I could not see him as he was blocked by the big boys. Something off topic, I listen to this one a lot when I got upset, as if to set myself free. lol

Stay With Me
Daniel's solo, with Cassius standing beside him to support. And the high notes were by Matthew RA. And all of them did a great job.

Jude's speech to introduce the musicians.

Veni Emmanuel
Josh and Ralph duet, and the gaudes at the beginning and the end of the song were from Ralph. I like Josh's solo very much, but I'd also love to see Daniel sing it live. And I'm sure it will be amazing.

Very joyful song, solo by Stefan. And I do love the movements and percussions in this song.

Mr Philipp made a short speech to thank the audience and encourage us to share their music with our friends and family. And I promise I definitely will. lol

Carol of the Bells
I was looking forward to seeing this song live and it was great. There were loads of movements and I love Stefan and Ralph's ahhhs. This song was so cheerful and it made me feel warm.

GloriaAnother song with quite a grand image.

Barney's Speech Here's another speech that made me laugh. Barney introduced their robes with Cassius's help. When mentioning the hoods he pulled Cassius's down. Barney returned to his position after he has finished. But Cassius remained where he was with his face covered, until Mr prizeman played the first notes of The Fountain. Then Cassius seemed to have been waken up and joined the boys quickly. lol

The Fountain
This is also one of my favourites and Ralph just sounded amazing with the gentle lower parts and the awesome high parts.

Eternal Light
Stefan's solo. His voice was really powerful and warm. I felt "cured" during this song. lol

Sing the Story
Luke's solo, and this song sounded quite like the CD. For me Luke's voice has quite a special type of brightness and power.

Liam's speech on lower voices.

Ave Verum
Carlos did the solo and Matthew RA on the high notes. And this song was a good chance to hear the big boys. My favourite part of this song was the V shape by the end with Josh in the front. But pity no duet from Jakob... someone said his voice has changed. :(

In Dulci Jubilo
This song was so cheerful and I started to smile automatically the moment I heard it.

Glory To Thee
Eoghan's solo. And I love the way that the song goes from high to low.

Nano Ben's speech. He told us how he got his nickname and wished everyone a merry Christmas. This little one was really adorable! :P

How Shall I Sing That Majesty
Stefan sang the first verse and Eoghan did the second. I think Eoghan will be the next Libera main soloist! This song was really moving and it added a great end to the concert.

Encore: White Christmas
I did not think much about this song before for it sounds a little too pop. But with Stefan's solo and Libera's arrangements I just fell in love with it.

Thank you, Bullehynka, Michael and Lucy for sharing your great pictures and a great review! :D


  1. I wish I couldve been there! I would love to hear them sing live. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. wow!!! i love you, lucy!!! you & lexi are doing a great job doing reviews just as they happened. it relives the phil. concert esp that they sang the same songs (except for our very own "himig ng pasko"). i really can't recall now who sang what but lucy was able to tell & this greatly helped a lot esp for those "forgetful and aging" people like me! LOL!!

    and yes, thank you also to michael & bullehynka for sharing their wonderful pictures.

    thanks so much again, lucy for sharing & thank you lexi for sharing your site.

  3. Wow, many thanks Lexi! You posted it! :D
    And thank you Mrs Guzman (I saw it somewhere in this blog that others called you this, so hope I got it right)! It's a great pleasure that you like it. :D

  4. It was so great to see Tom Cully again after a long time. :) Thanks so much for this post.