Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Album Featuring on Classic FM

Libera announced on their web site,

"Tune into Classic FM and listen to tracks from our Christmas Album. The Album will be featured by John Suchet on his morning show next week - 5th to 9th December - at 9 am each day."

We are not able to listen to this radio station online in the US. But this will be great advertising for The Christmas Album in the UK! :)

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  1. Hi Lexi:

    It is possible to listen to Classic FM in the US. Use the vTuner Internet Radio site. Once there, do a search on "Classic FM" That will turn up about six stations. Just select the London station and it should open in Windows Media Player or a similar program on your computer. I done this several times over the last few days and compared the content to the Classic FM link on the Libera web site. It works and the programing correlates with the Libera link.

    Bruce H.