Thursday, December 15, 2011

Live with Gabby TV Appearance

Libera appeared on UK TV today on the "Live with Gabby" show! Thank you to Michael for uploading it to YouTube! :)

First Gabby interviewed Barney, Kavana and Cassius. Then 14 boys sang "Carol of the Bells" live. In the front are Barney, Stefan, Dylan, Matthew R-A, Cassius, Luke, Matthew J, Ralph and Eoghan. In the back are Alex, Jakob, Carlos, Jude and Kavana.

14 Libera boys on Live with Gabby

Matthew R-A, Cassius, Jude

Matthew J, Ralph, Eoghan

Great picture of Matthew J!

Alex & Jakob with Stefan front left & Carlos front right.

Barney, Stefan, Dylan

Jude is so cute in this one! :D

Love how Luke is blurry & Ralph is in focus...

...then Luke is in focus and Ralph is blurry. :)

Jakob & Carlos

Interview starting at 0:50 -

Gabby: As usual at this time of year, there are a feast of musical treats, but surely none more spellbinding than a festive offering from Libera. Consisting of 24 boys aged from 7 to 16, they've just released a heavenly album of Christmas classics, and 3 of the little angels are with me right now. Ladies and gentlemen, 3 of the boys from Libera. I couldn't help but notice the cover. Do you fight over who...oh, you've got one as well. You're a good plugger (this means a good advertiser). Do you fight over who gets on the cover?

Cassius: No.

Gabby: No?

Kavana: No, we don't fight.

Gabby: That's you, isn't it? (pointing to Cassius' picture)

Cassius: That's me, my beautiful face.

Gabby: You're shy. So you three, I saw you in, you know, backstage in the green room playing cards earlier on. You're not all that angelic. Do you gamble as well?

Kavana: We all have our different hobbies and stuff as well as singing. When we wait we like to play cards, games and stuff, and it's just fun to hang out with.

Gabby: And Libera's kind of a moving ensemble, isn't it? You know, you won't stay in it forever. New boys join. So how does the dynamic work?

Barney: Well, um, we have these younger ones called mini boys, and they're quite new.

Gabby: Mini boys?

Barney: Yeah, so um, they slowly move up in the choir, so start getting solos.

Gabby: As their voices move down, they move up? Does it work like that?

Barney: So um, the older boys will sing all the lower harmonies, and the boys who are just starting will be singing lots of high parts. And so slowly you progress. And then the older boys can sometimes stay on and help out doing shows and things like that.

Gabby: So how big does it get? What's the biggest group that you'd sing with?

Kavana: Um, well we sing with, if we sang with like, back home there might be 40 people with us like rehearsing. But because some people are just too young to take away with us, so we have to keep them behind.

Gabby: So you travel quite a lot as well?

Kavana: Yeah, we do, um, we've been to Southeast Asia, like quite a bit of Europe as well. Um, what's funny is when we were coming back from the Philippines, we got caught in an ash cloud. And so we had to go to Greece, and then we had to get a coach from Greece...

Gabby: Greece, Angelos?

Angelos (another guest): Yeah, I saw it on air (?)

Kavana: Greece, then Italy, then a ferry around Italy...

Gabby: You did a lot of travel.

Cassius: That was actually my first tour. Yeah, so it was like 5 days longer to get back.

Gabby: And when you're away, do you miss family? Is it quite tough being away from mums and dads?

Barney: Well, you don't really think about it, cause you've always got something to do. When we're not singing or rehearsing, we do like sightseeing. We look around the place we're staying in. We have very nice hotels sometimes.

Gabby: Now are there some boys who are naughtier than others? Are there some boys that get into trouble? Or are you all very angelic?

Kavana: I guess like if you say that, I mean if we did that, it probably wouldn't work as a professional singing group. I mean, if we went abroad, and some people got into arguments with others, I mean, the fact that you're about to go on stage and sing to thousands of people just wouldn't work. So, um, I guess like in Libera they call us a family. I mean, even some of us call each other "uncle" sometimes for the bigger boys. And then the mini boys all learn from the uncles teaching the little boys. And it all flows like a big, friendly family.

Gabby: Fantastic. What a wonderful experience. So do you think singing is a career you'd like to persue when, you know, when Libera comes to an end for you?

Barney: Um, definitely, cause it's kind of luck if your voice still works after it's broken.

Gabby: What happens? I mean, do you dread that day when you wake up and go, "Hello, Mum."

Kavana: Some people think that as soon as your voice breaks, that's it. That's off. But, um, most of the older boys, they move on. They progress to lower harmonies. It's like putting another piece in the jigsaw puzzle, and it just fits perfectly.

Gabby: Well boys, you're lovely. It's lovely to have you with us. And I can't wait for everybody else at home to hear what we've been hearing this morning, cause it's a sensational sound. They're going to be performing "Carol of the Bells" in just a few moments. So I'll let you go off in a second and get ready....But right now to sing us out with "Carol of the Bells," it's Libera!

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