Sunday, December 4, 2011

Still, Still, Still Video

Libera performed on the UK Songs of Praise TV show tonight. (Why can't we have shows like that in the US?) Anyway, they've given us another Christmas carol video! It's a shortened version of "Still, Still, Still." Ralph's not there so we don't get his awesome solo. Guess you'll have to buy the CD to get that. ;) It's a beautiful song!

It's weird because the commercial for the SOP show showed the same church but Eoghan and Stefan in the center.

But in this video we never see them placed like this. So maybe there's another Libera video still to come! :D

The SOP web site says it was filmed in All Saints Church, Cheltenham. There are 23 boys in the video, and thank you to the camera people for getting so many great shots! The only ones who don't have close-ups are Daniel, Eoghan and Matthew Madine.

Daniel, Carlos, Jakob.......Tiarnan, Jonathan, Josh, Alex
Kavana, Kuba, Luke, Barney.......Liam, Sammy   
Matthew R-A, Henry, Tom.......Ciaran, Stefan, Matthew M
Cassius, Isaac.......Michael, Eoghan

Kavana, Carlos, Kuba (Jakub), Jakob, Luke

Matthew R-A, Kavana, Henry


Luke, Jakob, Matthew R-A, Barney, Cassius, Henry

Ciaran, Tom

Sammy, Ciaran, Stefan

Isaac, Matthew R-A, Henry, Tom

Isn't this a great shot of Kavana?!


Jakob, Matthew R-A, Barney

Luke, Carlos, Barney, Jakob

Tom, Josh, Isaac, Liam, Alex, Sammy

Cassius, Tiarnan, Jonathan, Tom, Josh, Isaac, Liam, Alex, Sammy

Luke, Jakob, Barney


Stefan, Ciaran

Thanks for the new video, Libera! Merry Christmas! :D


  1. "The Sound of Libera"! Only Libera could perform this song so beautifully! It's so peaceful. And the lower voices fill out the chorus. I'd love to see the full video! And the pictures are outstanding! They bring us right up to the boys. Many thanks, Libera and Lexi!

  2. I think that this is my favourite carol on the CD. I actually get a lump in my throat when I listen to it. Ralph and Libera have given a lovely performance on this beautiful Christmas lullabye.