Friday, December 2, 2011

London Concert Video

Our friend, Michael, has posted a video of the London concert. It starts out with blue skies and a nice view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Would I ever love to see those! :)

Inside the church you can see Ben Crawley and Sam Coates setting up for the concert, and Jonathan and Henry's dad, Mr. Barrington, moving the pews. There are pictures of the audience and stage and then video of Libera on stage during the ovations.

Then he has the great pictures that he already shared with us. Thank you, Michael! Glad you had such a nice time at the concert. :)


  1. hello again lexi - and thanks so much, michael for the video. i particularly like the background music, "gaudete".

  2. Many thanks for the great pictures and the video, Lexi, but from the sound of it, I wish the kids and Mr. Prizeman had gotten a much more appreciative applause. They're LIBERA!

  3. Tom, what are you talking about? The boys re
    ceived a good fives minute's standing ovation. The applause has simply been overwhelmed by "Gaudete".


  4. Thanks, Michael. The sound of the applause in the video was muffled, which is not accurate. I'm truly glad Libera got their well-deserved standing ovation! They work very hard to perform their very best at every concert. I'm looking forward to attending their concerts again when they return to the United States.