Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Libera "This Morning" TV Appearance

Libera was on the UK TV show "This Morning" well, this morning. :) First Barney, Kavana and Cassius are sitting on bean bags in regular clothes! They played a game where they got to judge the jokes inside Christmas crackers (those things that pop when you open them).

Then at the end of the show Libera sang "Joy To The World!" I see 16 boys. Front row is Jude, Ralph, Matthew J, Eoghan, Dylan, Cassius, Matthew R-A, Luke, Stefan and Barney. Back row is Daniel, Josh, Alex, Kavana, Jakob and Carlos. So happy to see them all and to have another song!


  1. Hi!
    I live in the UK, and I am watching it right now.
    Its only Kavana, Cassius, and Barney(?) I'm not sure if that's him on the show. They are wearing regular clothes, Christmas sweaters to be exact they look so cute. They only appeared at the end of the show sitting on beanbags :)

  2. oh wait that was the end of the first half of the show. The second half at the end all of Libera sings "Joy to the World" :) and yay Josh was there!!!!!

  3. great performance from such a wonderful group merry christmas and god bless

  4. They are all so adorable! They did a splendid job on Joy to the World too. Great video!