Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Got the Christmas Album CD!

So many great things in one day! First I get all these great pictures of the Cebu M&G from Yumiko and Jimmy. Now I get The Christmas Album! Happy November 1st! :D

The front of my beautiful CD. :)

The Christmas Album is available in the US starting today. You can find all the ordering information here. If you order through Amazon, I have included Libera's commission link.

Let's see if we can get them to #1! Right now the CD is on Amazon's Top 20 Classical Albums List. It's not listed on the Billboard Chart for November 5 yet. I'm sending out a Facebook status and e-mails that include the Amazon order link along with the YouTube video of their "Carol of the Bells" on ASAP Rocks. That oughta sell anyone on the CD. :D

The back of the CD

When you first open it, you see pretty snow-covered trees.

The CD opens to 4 sections. Section 1 has song, soloist & composer
 list with a pocket behind it for the picture/lyric cards.

Section 2 says "Merry Christmas from Libera"
with a slot for the silver snowflake ornament.

Section 3 gives production, instrumentalist & singers names.

Section 4 has the most important part - the CD. :D

The 16 picture cards with lyrics for each song printed on the back.

I love this album! :)


  1. hello again!!! just commented on those cebu photos of yumiko & jimmy. glad you finally got your x'mas CD. basically, it's the same CD we have here except for the x'mas ornament!!! darn, why didn't we have it! hah hah

    all the songs are beautiful but of course i have my personal favorites (well, songs i heard for the first time, though - because these were composed & arranged by robert prizeman himself!)

    i love their "white christmas"; "carol of the bells"; and "sing the story". i've been humming these songs all day! hah hah

    but of course nothing beats their tagalog version - "himig ng pasko". somebody told me they'd repackage the x'mas CD to include this song - well, def i'm going to get it! this is one x'mas CD worth playing even if it's past the x'mas season already, don't you agree?

  2. Hi, Mrs. Guzman! I agree! This CD is amazing! And you got to hear a lot of the songs live!

    Yes, PolyEast says they are going to issue the CD with the "Himig ng Pasko" added on! Hope that comes out soon! :D

  3. me again - oh yes, i think it was stefan who did solo on "white x'mas", my golly, his voice was so clear! and so were luke collins, ralph skan & matthew rangel-alvares. they were all so, so good! ralph did a wonderful rendition of "himig ng pasko". my husband said (well, he was on the orchestra area) his words were just perfect! and it was a joy again to hear our all-time favorites - salva me, stay with me, sanctus, gloria in excelsis & another favorites, how shall i sing that majesty & eternal light.

  4. P.S. i do enjoy feeding your fish! do i overfeed them? LOL!!!

  5. Hmm, Stefan and his friends are dreaming of a "White Christmas"? Well, wouldn't they be surprised if fans in a country that they visited in April of this year found a way to gift wrap some of the piles of white stuff that fall in this particular country around Christmas and ship it over to London!! (Dare I say that this little "gift" might serve to convince Libera to make a return trip in the future to their fans in this snowy region?!)