Friday, October 14, 2011

Libera Christmas CD

 Back of CD - Daniel, Carlos, Jakob & Dylan! :D

UPDATE: September 13, 17, 22, 30, October 7, 14

The UK release has been pushed back from November 7 to November 21! O_O  We now have updated prices for the Standard and Deluxe versions. Thank you to Fan de LoK for the links.

We now have larger, clearer pictures of the Deluxe CD set. The ornament is silver (not gold)! lol. There are picture and lyric cards with scenes from the UK, Canada and US tours. Some pictures we have seen before, but some are new! I cannot wait for this CD!!! :D

The Deluxe CD is now available for preorder on The US release date is November 1. Not sure why the US gets it sooner than the UK. ??? And the Deluxe CD will be available in Canada through ShopEMI Canada. It will also be released November 1.

UPDATE: September 6

Amazon UK has a picture of the Deluxe CD. Awesome!!!!! According to Yuki, Tower Records Japan site says the Christmas tree decoration is a gold silver wreath. :) Can't wait to see what it looks like. Thanks to Jimmy Riddle for the notification and to Fan de LoK for the clear photo! :D

September 2:

The Christmas Album is starting to show up for preorders! Get your Christmas shopping done now! lol

                                            Standard           Deluxe         Release date

Amazon Japan                   1536 Yen         1268 Yen       November 1

CDWow Japan                                            1700 Yen       October 24

HMV Japan                        1584 Yen         1681 Yen        October 24

Tower Records Japan        1205 Yen         1279 Yen       October 24

Amazon US (Libera link)   $14.10             $17.99           November 1

ShopEMI Canada               $15.34 CDN    $20.12 CDN  November 1

Amazon UK (Libera link)  8.99 BPS          11.99 BPS     November 21

The song list has been released by Tower Records Japan! This is a fabulous list of songs! Can't wait to hear them! Thank you to Hagy for the info!

1.   Joy to the World
2.   Still, Still, Still
3.   Carol of the Bells
4.   Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
5.   Once In Royal David's City
6.   O Holy Night
7.   White Christmas
8.   Corpus Christi Carol
9.   In Dulci Jubilo
10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
11. Sing the Story
12. Coventry Carol
13. The First Nowell
14. Jubilate Deo
15. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
16. Lullabye


  1. Hi Lexi thanks so much fro the update, i was wondering (if u find out) is the deluxe edition include any extra songs? Like in the Peace Deluxe one? thanks :D

  2. Hi Lexi,
    I suggest you to go check on dreams, I managed a more nicer capture of the Deluxe cover :)
    (page #15 of the topic).

  3. the question again is: Will it be available in the Philippines?? XD

  4. Thank you so much, Fan de LoK! :D

    Hi, shinarun! I would think it would have to be available in the Philippines. The point of the whole tour is for launching and promoting the new Christmas CD. :D

  5. really excellent
    Libera is the best!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Lexi, many thanks for the updating! Just can't wait until November. It's really a pity that they postponed the release date in the UK. Hope this CD will be available for purchase at the London concert, so that I can get my copy directly there and it will be faster than waiting for Amazon. :P

  7. Hello Libera Fans!

    To celebrate the upcoming release of Libera’s new Christmas album, we’re running a contest with some great prizes – signed posters, Libera hoodies and an official Libera robe! We want to spread the word about the album to new Libera fans, so in order to enter we’re asking people to forward an email about the album and contest to three friends (note that we will NEVER spam entrants or the emails they provide, and we’ll only keep emails when people indicate they want to receive Libera news from us). To increase chances of winning, entrants can provide additional emails as well – every 3 emails forwarded equals an extra entry, max 5 entries per person). As a special “thank you”, all entrants will receive a holiday video greeting from the group!

    The contest URL is:

    For a video of the boys introducing the contest, please visit:
    (Feel free to embed this!)

    Ultimately we hope to get enough people to pre-order the album or buy it the week of November 1st so that we can get Libera their very first #1 album in the US Classical charts! We’re urging everyone to spread the word about the contest and new album on social media, using hashtag #LIBERA.

    Best wishes, and happy holidays!
    The EMI Classics US Team

    PS - Due to legal restrictions, we’ve unfortunately have had to limit the contest to the United States, and ages 21 and up. We apologize to the Libera fans who are excluded as a result, and we hope to have other contests that will involve them soon.

    Pre-order the new album here (Deluxe Edition):
    Pre-order the new album here (Standard Edition):

  8. Hi, frater! I agree! Libera is excellent! Did you get the new CD yet? Hope you enjoy it when you do! :)

    Hi, Lucy! Oh, you are going to love the concert so much. Wish I could go also. Libera wrote back to someone on the Dreams forum and said they don't plan on having CD's at the concert. They encourage every body to order through their Amazon link so Libera earns a commission from the order. :)

    Thank you, EMI Classics US! Thanks for having this contest! I wrote a posting about it to let everyone else know. :)