Friday, October 21, 2011

Newbies Ciaran & Jakub

Libera360 has posted pictures of all the boys going on the Philippines tour! You can see the full roster here. First, can I just say Josh looks older and Kavana looks younger in these pictures than when they were here this summer. :D Now that I look closer, some of them have the same picture as from the US Tour program. The only ones with new pictures are Medium Ben, Cassius, JB, Josh, Kavana, Stefan and Tiarnan. And Luke is missing. ???

Anyway... we have pictures of the 2 newbies!

First is Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey. He is definitely the boy we saw at the Songs of Praise 50th Anniversary show standing behind Eoghan. :)

Second is Jakub Niedermaier-Reed. He is definitely "Mini-Jakub" to Jakob de Menezes-Wood. :)

So welcome to the new boys! It's so exciting to see you both! Hope you have a great time in the Philippines! :D

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