Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Manila Concert M&G Video

Thanks to Eric Paulin for another great video, this time of the Meet & Greet after the Manila concert. Congratulations to the 151 people who got to go through the line! :D

Good news, Philippines! Eric says to Isaac, "Hopefully (we'll) see you next year." And Isaac says, "Oh, yeah, we'll definitely be coming back next year." :D


  1. It's becoming a habit from girls hugging Ben P. Can someone please, tell me what happened in the video with Barney, why the strange face reaction?

  2. Hi, Andrew! Yeah, Ben's a hugger. :) Two people asked Barney what his birthday is, but the boys are no longer allowed to say when their birthday is for privacy reasons. That's why Barney covered his mouth. We found this out on the US tour. All the older boys get birthday wishes & gifts from fans, so my mom started to ask all the new kids what their birthdays are. A Libera staff member said they aren't allowed to tell anymore.