Monday, October 3, 2011

London, UK Concert!

UPDATED September 30, October 3:

Premium tickets are sold out! Hurry and get your seats before they're ALL sold out!

It's official!!! Libera is having a concert in London!!! It says, "Libera presents a concert, to include music from our new Christmas Album." Yay!!! Tickets are available on TicketWeb here or call 08444 771 000. The date and location is

          Friday, November 25, 2011, 7:30 p.m., doors open 6:45 p.m.
          St. George's Catholic Cathedral
          Lambeth Road, Camberwell, Greater London, UK

Tickets are
          30.00 BPS - Premium Seating  SOLD OUT!!!
          17.50 BPS - General Seating Full Price
          10.00 BPS - General Seating OAPs & Children 16 & under

This is where they performed last year in November 2010. It is so exciting for the UK and European fans! I'm guessing it would be a Christmas concert like the one next month in the Philippines. So the UK would get to have their own Christmas concert, too. And much closer to Christmas. :)

November 25th is the day after our Thanksgiving Day, so people from the US could go! We usually get off school part or all of Wednesday and all of Thursday and Friday, so if parents can get off work... Just sayin'. :) 25 relatives will be descending on my house that week. Sigh. lol. Yeah, I'll look forward to hearing how everyone else liked it.

And thanks to Fan de LoK for the link! :)


  1. It would be great to hear Libera at this venue. Unfortunately, work commitments prevent me from travelling to the UK. All I can do is wish them the best for this and other upcoming concerts, and hope that one day in the near future they will return to Canada.

  2. Wow, sold out ! It would be nice for Libera to come a first time in France... I saw them 5th times in England and Ireland !

    I'll try to make them come in my town... just to introduce them to french audiences.

    Bye. I may be there in London. i'll think of it.

  3. The Christmas concerts in the Philippines were amazing!!! You'll sure have an amazing one on November 25, as well! If we can only travel to UK whenever we can, we will! We'll just wait for the next Asian tour which hopefully will be very soon.

  4. That's how amazing Libera is!! Congratulations on the Nov 25th "sold out" concert!! Wish I could be there. Please take lots of pics so us die heart fans in Toronto can experience the amazing event. I look forward to when Libera can come back to Toronto. Bless you all for such Godly talents, you truly are gifts from heaven! Have a Merry Christmas!