Monday, October 3, 2011

Songs of Praise Videos

Our friend, Michael from the UK, got to go to the Songs of Praise 50th Anniversary concert. I previously wrote about the fans' point of view here. He also recorded the show that was on TV and put it up on YouTube in 2 parts! Thanks so much, Michael!

Part 1 - The queue is so huge! I guess that's what a line of 7000 people looks like. lol. The concert was at the Alexandra Palace which is nicknamed the Ally Pally. lol. This is where the BBC had its first broadcast 75 years ago! I noticed that the show is in a different order than is listed on the program from the week before. You first see Libera at 4:20. Good thing the boys are used to long rehearsals and keeping their robes clean while waiting around all day. :) You can see Steven Geraghty, Sam Coates, Sam Abouelfaid and Simon Lewis on the 3rd row with them. And you can see another former Libera member, Simon Beston, singing on the opposite side at 16:05. Andrea Bocelli is amazing! Before we found Libera, my mom and I used to sing along to his CD's while driving to church to warm up for choir. Sometimes we still do. He goes so high and has crazy breath control. On one song the last note is held out for 24 beats. :D

05:10 - "Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer"
09:30 - Katherine Jenkins - "Love Divine"
14:38 - "O When the Saints Go Marching In" - great view of Libera & Kavana is really fun to watch!
17:10 - Andrea Bocelli - "Ave Maria"
24:00 - "Angel Voices Ever Singing" with organ

Part 2 - 

00:00 - LeAnn Rimes - "Give"
07:45 - Beverley Knight - "I Am Not Forgotten" - love the string interlude!
15:00 - "I Stand Amazed" - the crowd really loved singing this one! We sing this in the US, just not as jazzy. hehe
19:05 - Katherine Jenkins - "Jerusalem"
21:50 - Andrea Bocelli - "Amazing Grace" - this is...amazing!
26:50 - "To God Be the Glory"
31:25 - "Happy Birthday"

There were 27 Libera boys + 5 former members (Simon B. was on the opposite side) -
3rd row - Steven G., Sam C., Sam A., Jonathan, Sam, Liam, Sammy, Tiarnan and Simon L.
2nd row - Josh, Ben, Kavana, Isaac, Orlando, Jakob, Daniel, Nano Ben, ???, MJ and Henry 
1st row - Alex, Luke, Tom, Barney, Carlos, Michael, Ralph, Matt, Eoghan, Cassius & Matthew

WHO IS THE LITTLE NEWBIE ON THE 2ND ROW BEHIND EOGHAN?!!! :D Thank you to Inna for her excellent screen captures. She worked really hard on them. You can see more at her blog here.

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