Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Philippines Promotions

October 18

Libera 360 posted on their web site that there is another special offer for groups of 20 or more! "Get your family, relatives, friends, school mates together and buy your tickets as a group and get that rare chance of HAVING YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH LIBERA!!! So what are you waiting for! Spread the news and practice that smile for your chance photo-op with Libera!"

GASP! If you can buy your tickets as a group of 20 or more, you so should! What a great opportunity! It's so rare to have your picture taken WITH Libera! :D

October 4

Today there were 2 articles about Libera's Philippines concerts posted online by mb.com.ph and pep.ph. Both articles mentioned the following:

"Get a copy of Libera’s Christmas Album at selected Odyssey and Astroplus outlets and be a lucky winner to see Libera at PICC." For contest information, go to OdysseyLive.net's Facebook page. It would be great to get Libera's album AND possibly win tickets to their Manila concert! Contest ends October 24. Thanks to Charmaine for the link!

TicketWorld Manila also announced today that you can get 10% OFF for 20 Tickets and Up. So get your friends together and buy your tickets as a group!

And don't forget the 10% off student discount previously announced here.

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