Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manila Concert

Entrance to PICC taken by Enyu

Well, I just woke up here in Chicago, but in the Philippines it's an exciting evening. It's the Manila concert night! :D Yuki just tweeted us the concert song list. So many great songs! And there is supposed to be another Meet & Greet after the concert! Josh's dad and Ralph's parents are there! Hope every one has a great time.

1. Jubilate into Libera - solo Cassius & Barney then Eoghan & Luke
Speech: Barney & Cassius on Josh & Jonathan being oldest
2. Joy to the World
3. Still, Still, Still - solo Ralph
4. Song of Life - solo Ralph
Speech: Cassius & Michael with Moose
5. Sanctus
6. Salva Me - high salvas Matthew R-A
7. Stay With Me (go, Daniel!) - solo Daniel & Cassius, descant MRA
Speech: Jude introducing musicians
8. Veni Emmanuel - solo Josh & Ralph
9. Exultate - solo Stefan


10. Carol of the Bells
11. Gloria in Excelsis
Speech: Barney with Cassius on keeping robes clean, big hoods
12. The Fountain - solo Ralph
13. Eternal Light - solo Stefan
14. Sing the Story - solo Luke
Speech: Liam on voices changing & with Libera since age 8
15. Ave Verum - solo Carlos
16. In Dulci Jubilo
17. Glory to Thee - solo Eoghan
Speech: Nano Ben on learning songs in 2 months, thank you in Tagalog
18. How Shall I Sing That Majesty - solo Stefan & Eoghan

Encore: White Christmas - solo Stefan
Encore: Tagalog song "Himig ng Pasko" (Hymn of Christmas) - solo Ralph & Isaac

Yuki's Concert Program Song List 

View of stage with special effects screen in center and 1 of 2
 projection screens on side so audience can see Libera better.

Hannah's view from 4th row back

Front & right side. Hi Mummy-san & Yuki! :D

Sam Coates & Ben Crawley working. :)

Hannah's pic of far right side

Pics of Hannah's concert program

The concert started off with the playing of the UK and Philippines national anthems and a word from Robert de Ocampo. Hannah said the concert was so good she had palpitations and goosebumps. lol.

There was a Meet & Greet after the concert, but only 150 people were allowed to go through the line! Hannah was #151. :( So Yuki helped her ask Andy Winter, and he let her through the line! :D

Thank you to Enyu, Yuki & Hannah for the pics! :) If you repost any pictures, please give them credit.

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