Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas Album Song Samples

UPDATED: October 2, 3

If you don't live in the Philippines and so haven't gotten your Libera Christmas Album yet, ;) you can listen to MP3 samples on Amazon UK here. They are short, so they just make me want more. Thanks to Leslie for the link. And I'm noticing the different cover for the MP3 album! I love the frosty, icicly-ness of the standard CD cover, but the MP3 cover makes me think of Bethlehem and starry Christmas night. They're both great!

And now PinoyLiberian1 has upload a song sampler to YouTube that gives you about 1 minute of each song! Excellent! I'd listen to both sources, because they play different parts of the songs.

Almost all of these songs I've heard my whole life, but now they've all been "Liberated." It's a lot of beautiful harmonies but also really cool arrangements that make them fresh and new. It's great to see that Fiona Pears is playing violin on the album! We got to see her on the Libera 2010 US Tour and have missed her. And Tom Cully is listed as contributing behind the scenes! Cool! 

01. Joy to the World - Great harmonies, nice flow to the music.

02. Still, Still, Still - Want to hear Ralph's solo! Hannah described it as you lying under the stars in the Shepherds' Fields in Bethlehem. Can't say it any better than that. :)

03. Carol of the Bells - I LOVE THIS! I already loved the song, but the harmonies I'm hearing from Libera make it awesome.

04. Veni, Veni Emmanuel - Daniel's voice is soooo perfect! And I like that it's in Latin. 

05. Once In Royal David's City - Most of us are used to little Josh starting out this song on the Aled Jones video, but you gotta admit Eoghan has an amazing voice! Can't wait to hear all of this song!

06. O Holy Night - Another beautiful song with Ralph. Not sure who is singing the harmony with him. I like the tempo of Libera's version. Sometimes this song can drag a bit. Glad it's been "Liberated!"

07. White Christmas - Stefan sounds great! Guess not everyone gets a white (as in SNOW) Christmas. We usually do in Chicago, but I always have to go to Florida for Christmas, so I see it before and after. My dad sings, "I'm dreaming of a sandy, white beach Christmas." lol.

08. Corpus Christi Carol - This is a new song for me, but I'll take anything with Ralph and Mini James, separate or together, and learn to sing along. :)  Is it me, or do they sound especially great in this sample?!!!

09. In Dulci Jubilo - I want the piano accompaniment to this! Can you hear how cool this arrangement is?!!!

10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Mini James and Ralph again. We heard this one before, but I love it. Hope, hope, hope you're still with Libera and visit the Philippines, James! Love your voice! :D

11. Sing the Story - We got to hear Luke solo during the US Tour, and now everyone else gets to hear how great he sings.

12. Coventry Carol - Wait til you hear Josh on this! It's so low and full. Just awesome! It's so different from younger boys' high voices we're used to hearing solo. I can't wait to hear how Ralph and Stefan sound with him, too!

13. The First Nowell - Freddie solos, but I can't hear him much on this sample. He sounded great in Canada and US 2011, so this should be great, too.

14. Jubilate Deo - Oh my gosh, flashback to the tour concerts! Jakob, Jakob, Jakob! I love your voice!

15. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks - Cassius solos! Beautiful voice! Want to hear more!!!!!!

16. Lullabye - We heard this one before, but Josh's voice is so great. Add in Jakob and Ben. What more could you want? Um...the whole album!!! :D

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