Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Contest

UPDATED: October 21, 2011

October 20, 2011

EMI posted a video about a Christmas competition. It has Michael, Kavana, Nano Ben and Cassius. They're so cute! :D

Kavana: Hello, friends. We're Libera here in England, and we just wanted to let you know about our new CD "The Christmas Album."

Michael: We're very excited about it. It's our first-ever recording of all Christmas songs. We hope you'll help us to spread the Christmas cheer around the world.

Nano Ben: Here's how you can help. We have a contest with lots of great prizes from signed posters to your very own Libera robe.

Kavana: For more information and to enter, please visit And have a blessed Christmas season.

Aaaahhh! This is awesome! You can win a Libera robe?!?!? The site is now up. The prizes are:

1 Libera choir robe ($85 value) - unless it goes on a Korean bear, I think that value is kind of low. lol

5 signed Libera hoodies ($65 value) - white ones so you can see their signatures? Or maybe black hoodies signed with silver pen! :)

25 signed Libera posters ($10 value) - wonder if it's a concert poster or Christmas CD advertising poster.

When you go to the web site, fill in your first name, e-mail, birth date, country, and 3 friends' e-mails to whom EMI US will e-mail information about Libera and the Christmas contest. Once you enter, EMI will send you a special video holiday greeting from Libera! :D

You can enter up to 5 times from October 20 - November 14, 2011. Winners will be notified by e-mail on or around November 18.

The contest is only open to residents of the US and Puerto Rico who are age 21 and over. If you're younger, maybe your parents can enter for you. I'm sort of sad about the country restriction. There are a lot of fans from other countries who would like to enter. My guess is that it's to boost sales of the CD in the US by having an e-mail advertising campaign in the US. We know the album is already doing well in the Philippines and should do well in the UK, but the US is a huge market.

Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to hear who wins! :D

UPDATE: EMI Classics US wrote to me:

Hello Libera Fans!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Libera’s new Christmas album, we’re running a contest with some great prizes – signed posters, Libera hoodies and an official Libera robe! We want to spread the word about the album to new Libera fans, so in order to enter we’re asking people to forward an email about the album and contest to three friends (note that we will NEVER spam entrants or the emails they provide, and we’ll only keep emails when people indicate they want to receive Libera news from us). To increase chances of winning, entrants can provide additional emails as well – every 3 emails forwarded equals an extra entry, max 5 entries per person). As a special “thank you”, all entrants will receive a holiday video greeting from the group!

The contest URL is:

For a video of the boys introducing the contest, please visit:
(Feel free to embed this!)

Ultimately we hope to get enough people to pre-order the album or buy it the week of November 1st so that we can get Libera their very first #1 album in the US Classical charts! We’re urging everyone to spread the word about the contest and new album on social media, using hashtag #LIBERA.

Best wishes, and happy holidays!
The EMI Classics US Team

PS - Due to legal restrictions, we’ve unfortunately have had to limit the contest to the United States, and ages 21 and up. We apologize to the Libera fans who are excluded as a result, and we hope to have other contests that will involve them soon.

UPDATE: EMI Music wrote on the Dreams forum:

Hi everyone,

In regards to the contest being limited to the United States - we did in fact do extensive research with our legal team on this and were very disappointed to find out that the laws around contests vary dramatically from country to country (even from state to state in the US). The legal preparation, signup monitoring and prize limitations required to make a contest truly global simply weren't feasible this time around.

We're as disappointed as you are that this contest couldn't be extended beyond the US, and we do promise that we will continue working towards a proper worldwide Libera contest. For now please accept our humble apologies, and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

And as always, thank you for your support of Libera and their recordings.

The EMI Classics US Team

PS - To those of you in the Philippines, enjoy the concerts!


  1. the link to says forbidden and will not allow access.

  2. Wow! Thank you, Lexi, for posting this. How I want to win the Libera robe and even wear it. But I wonder how to make it our own robe. Any way, it's exciting to see fans wearing Libera robe. Always learn about great information from your blog. It's my food for soul.

  3. So dumb ! :(

    The contest is reserved for American people only....

  4. Hi, JayFrog! Sorry I'm late to answer. School, school, school. lol I'm sure by now you have tried it again and it works. Hope you win something! :D

    Hi, Laura! Thank you! You are so nice! Hope you win something, too! :D

    Hi, Fan de LoK! Yeah, sorry about that. Wish it was open to every body. :(