Sunday, October 30, 2011

Libera Blog Philippines Tour Part 2

The only tourism ad Cebu needs!

Yay! Here is the "continuation of the blog according to Libera." :) It's great to see some of the pictures that the people in the videos were taking. :) I'm so glad we got to see the video of "Cebu!" and the performance at the hotel.

Shangri-La in Cebu - so beautiful!

Speaking of the hotel, the Shangri-La sounds AMAZING! I want to go and get "that happy, Shangri-La state you feel when you stay there." The picture of the infinity pool is breathtaking! Lucky boys! After some sleeping and eating "(I think you get the picture that every meal here is simply in excess)" lolol! they went to the indoor arcade and play area (again, lucky boys!). A snooker table is sort of like a pool table. Had to look that one up. :) Then they were off to another Meet & Greet. 

After that they had dinner and were serenaded by the Mandaue Children's Choir. I love that the kids taught the Libera boys "some of the moves they did in their performance." Go kids that can sing!!

The Mandaue Children's Choir has boys and girls in it and has won international competitions. I found this recent video of them where they have on the same costumes that they wore to perform for Libera. Maybe some of the songs are the same, too. :)

It sounds like the Cebu concert was amazing! I love how much enthusiasm there is in the Philippines for Libera. And I love how much Libera loves it, too! Go Filipino Libera fans! You guys are awesome!

Then it was back to Cebu and another hotel there and then off to Manila and then London. :( So sad you had to leave boys. Sounds like you had a great time! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!


  1. Awesome performance by the talented Filipino kids!

  2. Hi, Web Design! I agree! They are so good and fun to watch. And I like their costumes. Super glad Libera got to see them. :)