Thursday, October 27, 2011

Libera Blog Philippines Tour Part 1

Awww...Libera boy(s) are having too much fun with the secrecy of who writes the blogs. If you ask them during an M&G, they will just give you this mischievious grin and say that they can't tell you that or it would spoil the fun. :) Well, whoever it was that wrote this, he (they) did an excellent job! You can read the whole "Philiblog" here.

I love the word "instantaneous" when talking about changing planes in Dubai. I would imagine it would seem instantaneous since they are used to hours of sitting around in the airport waiting for their connecting flight! Thank you Mystery Writer (MW) for giving into our American (and apparently Filipino) spelling of "center." lol :)  I myself always feel like it's wrong to type there we go. We're even now.

The MW is quite descriptive when he talks about the amount of food that they all eat! Examples: "rather large breakfast" "piles of food" "We ate practically everything" "enormous roast pig" "sudden overload of food" "mammoth dinner" "colossal piles of food" :D Although Lala DID take us out for Filipino food in Toronto, so I can definitely understand how they would want to stuff themselves completely full! Shout-out to the Filipino fans: YOUR FOOD IS AMAZING! lol


Amazing performance on ASAP Rocks!

It's pretty impressive that their appearance on ASAP Rocks to perform "Carol of the Bells" (brilliant, by the way) took less than an hour to do. But what does MW mean by "we couldn’t do our trademark moves?" What exactly are they doing while singing this during the concert?

Manila Meet & Greet at the Block. Do you see yourself?! :)

I'm really glad that THEY enjoy the Meet and Greets (because we know WE enjoy them). I also love the picture looking down on the tables and the crowd! So cool!

They got their own personal Crocs! That's awesome! Wonder if they're like specialized or different than usual ones or something. That would be so awesome!

Unveiling the plaque for the Libera Playground.

"After the unveiling of the plaque that will go up outside the playground, five of us were interviewed on the subject, and then on the concerts and the new Christmas album (WHICH YOU SHOULD BUY, by the way – thought I ought to plug it in somewhere)." Bahahahaha!!! This really made me laugh out loud...especially since it was right in the middle of something completely different!

Polo club?! Cool! And bowling and...LIAM! 5 STRIKES?! IN A ROW?! I'M GONNA BREAK MY CAPS LOCK ON THAT ONE! THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!! Get that boy on a bowling team! (But make sure he still has time for choir practice.)  :)

What a quirky store. Handicrafts, a piano & a giant Santa! :D

Oh to hear Josh and Liam play an improv piano duet! Video, Libera? Anyone pull out a camera? *hint, hint* ;) Can I play a piano duet with each of you someday, too? :)

And happy birthday to Josh! Man I would totally spend my B-Day in the Philippines if I could! Can't wait to hear more! Keep the pictures and videos coming everyone! And keep the blogs coming Libera MW!

Manila concert - beautiful stars, or snow.


  1. oh i see myself in the picture. :] steven took it, we saw him hanging over the railing with his camera.

  2. Hi, Lexi. I'd like to extend your "quirky store" caption a bit. How about "Handicrafts, a piano, a giant Santa, and two awesome Libera choristers playing improv jazz!!!" By the way, your blog is always well written. Congratulations!

  3. Hi, Anon! You see yourself! I see people I know, too! Awesome! :D

    Hi, Leslie! Thank you and yeah, the "two awesome Libera choristers playing improv jazz" is the best part of the picture. ;)