Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pictures from Manila M&G

Libera just tweeted, "GR8 day yesterday - Live to 20M ppl on ASAP Rocks @ lunchtime; SM Mall signing at tea time; cultural exchange at dinner time." Way to keep it under 140 characters! lol

Then they posted on Facebook, "We have had a marvellous day today. Live TV to 20 million peolpe on ASAP Rocks at lunchtime; SM Mall signing at tea time; cultural exchange at dinner time. Thank you to the many people who purchased our album today - we hope you like it." 20 million people saw them?!?! That should help to get The Christmas Album to #1 in the Philippines! :D

The Liberians Philippines blog has an excellent write-up and some great pictures from their exciting day at the Meet & Greet. You can read the blog and see so many more of their pictures here. They did a video, so we'll be watching for that! Here are a few of my favorite pics! And congratulations on getting to meet Libera! :D
Nice banner at the mall entrance.

Love this overhead view!

Can't wait to get this!

The table where you buy the CD's.

Each buyer gets a free poster, too! :D

Turned out only 300 people got to go through the M&G line.

People watching from the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floors!

People with numbers 1-300 got seats. Lots of other spectators!

The Madine brothers - Josh and Matt. :D

I <3 Cassius's signature! - Ca$$
And what does it say in blue? "My name is MiD" and they drew a little person? :D


  1. hello :)
    thanks so much for blogging :D i wish i couldve gone to the Philippines!
    and do you think that Libera would post a blog about their philippines tour?

  2. hi lexi! i just finished uploading the pics now posted in my facebook wall for the other fans to see. the rest, i did with my blog written in 3 parts. it was just awesome! but what made my day beside meeting the choristers was finally meeting THE man, mr. andy winter - such a nice guy! mitch young was with me and we enjoyed our little chat with him - and so with ms. barbara geraghty.

  3. Here's my review about their Meet and Greet. I do hope that I can watch their concert tonight but it's kinda bad timing and quite far. *Sighs* But I'm glad that I was able to attend their meet and greet!

  4. Hi, Natsumi! I wish I could go to the Philippines, too! I sure hope Libera does a blog about their trip. I'd love to read it cause they're always so funny. :)

    Hi, Mrs. Guzman! Yeah, Andy is really nice. I got to work with him this summer. And I saw your picture on the Liberians PH page! :D

    Hi, PrinceRoze! Thanks for sharing your blog! Glad you got to go to the M&G. Aren't the boys so nice? And I like writing and reading, reading, reading also! lol