Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cebu Concert Reviews

Libera posted on their Facebook yesterday,

Thank you Cebu. From the welcome at the airport to your support at our concert we have enjoyed fantastic hospitality here.

Well, Libera gave Cebu an excellent concert in return! The concert was sold out plus the balcony was opened for more seating! Many who went to both concerts are saying that Cebu was even better than Manila! Here are a few first-hand reviews:

John and Cheryl from Canada went to Libera's Cebu concert. John wrote,

"For now I'll just say that the concert was a tremendous success - a sell out - and the boys were on top form. I spoke to some of the parents who had also been to Manila and they agreed that Cebu was even better. Ralph and Stefan were amazing. Difficult to pick a favorite from the new songs - they were all so good. The venue was excellent and the fan-girls were most enthusiastic - so much so that many of the speeches had to be interrupted many times and some of the speakers lost their place. Cassius's hood routine had a new twist - which I won't give away. Hope he repeats it at St George's.Whoever is going to St. George's is in for a treat. Don't even think about missing it. I hope to see many of you there."

Thank you, John! :)

There's another VERY detailed and excellent review by phlibera on the Dreams forum here.  It sounds like everyone liked the use of the large video screens on the sides. There's a link at the bottom to some very good photos of the post-concert Meet & Greet, too. Thank you, phlibera! :) 

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