Monday, October 3, 2011

Libera Philippines Ad

Libera posted a TV ad to their page. It shows Cassius saying, "Hi, Philippines. We're very excited about coming back." He got a hair cut and looks so cute! And you can hear some of their Christmas songs in the background! Thanks, Libera!


  1. hi lexi! been a while. we had a strong typhoon very recently (and another one coming) which damaged our aerial antenna for our broadband. i was just surviving on a neighbor's wi-fi. we had it fixed just now so i'm on full swing surfing - ahhh, i missed my games!!!

    we're excited about libera's M & G & concert - oh, i hope the weather will be cooperating by then. we don't want to experience a windy & wet concert! add to that a delay again on the group's departure (knock on wood) should there be a nasty weather during that week.

    thanks for posting this. i haven't opened it yet, though. i hope to share it with fellow libera fans on my FB wall. thanks & regards. oh, are you flying to manila or cebu for the concert?

  2. Hi, Mrs. Guzman! Glad you are OK from the typhoon. No, we can't go to the Philippines concerts. I have school. But hope you have a great time. Say "hi" to Lala for us! :)