Monday, October 24, 2011

The Libera Playground

Look at all the TV news cameras!

This is so great! Libera attended a donation ceremony today for Children's Hour. This is a charity that "aims to provide marginalized Filipino children with a better life; giving them better access to quality education, quality health and nutrition and a quality way of life." They ask people and corporations to donate at least 1 hour of salary or earnings each year. Pretty simple, and it's easy for everyone to do. :)

First the British Alumni Association donated P150,000 to Children's Hour. This is Former Finance Secretary and British Alumni Association Chairman Roberto de Ocampo, British Ambassador to the Philippines Stephen Lillie, a distinguished member of the British Council, and Children’s Hour Executive Director Evangeline T. Mayuga.

Then they announced that a portion of Libera's Philippines concerts proceeds is being donated to Children's Hour to construct the Libera Playground in Calauan, Laguna. Stefan, Barney, Eoghan, Ciaran and Tom got to unveil the plaque along with some cute kids from Calauan, Laguna. Aw. Pull the cord! :)

This plaque will be displayed at the playground. It reads, 

Libera Playground

Donated By: British Alumni Association
(Under the Chairmanship of
Former Secretary of Finance
Roberto de Ocampo)

With the Special Acknowledgement of LIBERA,
the chart-topping London boys choir
whose concert in Manila as
Ambassadors of Goodwill
helped raised funds for this project and
foster Philippines-UK Friendship.

Children’s Hour presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Libera and the British Alumni Association for their donations and acts of goodwill. Stefan got to accept on behalf of Libera. :)

They showed the video of Libera singing "Bayan Ko" in the Philippines in 2009. Then there was a press conference with Kavana, Ralph, Liam, Cassius and Michael answering reporters' questions!

Congratulations Children's Hour, Libera and British Alumni Association, and thank you for the work you do in helping the Philippines disadvantaged kids. 

Thank you to Libera360 for the excellent article about this ceremony! You can read the full article here. 

JB wrote to me to let me know about this Facebook page that has more pictures. Um, I don't know who owns this FB page, so just stay on this photo page. And he said not to go to the blog page cause it has viruses. But it has soooo many cute pictures of this event. Too many to post all the pictures. Here's a few. Check out the rest here.

The press conference - Kavana, Ralph & Liam

Cassius & Michael

I love Kavana's eyes! :)

And Ralph's eyes. :)

For all the Liam fans! ;)

We know Cassius is very poised in front of the camera.

Look how cute Michael is with all those microphones in his face.


  1. So great that Libera have been involved in something like this. Nice article Lexi. Here's a link to some more pictures including the press conference
    . Watch out for the associated blog though, it's pop-up ridden, and AVG warned me of hijack trojans. Cheers JR

  2. Excellent write-up Lexi! Amused at how tiny the Filipino kids look next to even the youngest Libera lads. It's definitely a race thing. lol.
    So gracious of Libera, the British Alumni Association and Former Sec. Bobby de Ocampo to do this. We met him (Mr. de Ocampo) at the M&G, he was all over the place taking videos and pictures while also making sure the boys were comfy. He even came over to us (front row) and asked if we were enjoying ourselves and who our favorite newbie was. He's like their surrogate grandpa in a way. :)

  3. Hi, JR! Thanks so much for the link! The pictures are awesome!

    Hi, Hannah! The Filipino kids are tiny! I just figured they are younger. lol. Mr. de Ocampo sounds so nice! :)