Sunday, October 23, 2011

Manila Meet & Greet

This is the poster for today's Meet & Greet/CD Signing. Our friend, Enyu, is first in line! She got to the mall before it opened at 10:00 a.m.! lol. She says the CD table has only 500 CD's for sale. I believe you have to buy a CD to go through the autograph line, so while it's a lot of autographs for the boys to sign, only 500 people get to meet them.

Here's Enyu's first picture. She is Korean but lives in the Philippines and has a great blog you should check out -

Nice seating area in the mall. You can sit while you wait. :)

And the table and chairs are set up. I count 15 chairs. Guess they're signing in 2 shifts.

2 of Yuki's pictures from M&G -

Nice American-like break in the line to see Ciaran, Liam and Ralph.

Stefan smiling at Yuki! So cute!

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