Monday, October 24, 2011

Manila M&G Videos

Thanks to Eric Paulin for posting these Manila Meet & Greet videos! This is the first signing group.

Second signing group. When he asks Jude what his name is, Jude says, "I'm Jude. I'm his brother," and points to Luke. lol. He also gave Josh a birthday present. A Liberians PH 2012 calendar with fan messages written on the back. :)

And Libera leaving The Block walking through the gauntlet of screaming fans. hehe You can hear someone ask them, "Who's your favorite in the new batch." They say, "Ben Fairman, Eoghan McCarthy, Barney Lindsell, Dylan Duffy and Matthew Madine." He then tells them Eoghan is pronounced "Owen." I'm just impressed they've memorized everyone's last names. :)


  1. hi lexi! how are you? i've been 'silent' for a while - been fixing my pictures and videos. well, i'm done with almost everything except that i find it still disorganized! hah hah how i envy you - you have the patience to arrange everything! well, i think i'll leave it as is in my blog. anybody can just drop by and read on -

    i think i'm more of a reader than a writer, hah hah i find it a breeze reading your accounts of what really transpired while i have memory gaps (comes with age, you know...). well, i hope i did come up to some expectations regarding libera's short stay in the phils. & everything can be read in my blog. thanks & regards.

  2. Hi, Mrs. Guzman! You have some really great postings and pictures! Looks like everyone in the Pines had a great time, especially Libera! :D