Monday, October 24, 2011

Manila M&G Pics from Hannah

Hannah took some great pictures at the Manila M&G yesterday! Well, actually her friend, Angelie, did. lol. Hannah talked to all the boys. They signed her CD and poster, and she said there were "lots of shrieking fans." hehe Thank you, Hannah, for your awesome pictures! :) If you copy, please be sure to credit her.

We know Eoghan's name is pronounced "Owen." Yuki asked Liam how to say Ciaran's name. It's pronounced "Kee-ar-an." Oh! Good to know! Thank you, Yuki! :)

Group 1 ready to go! Daniel is smiling right at her! :D
They're sitting in name tag order, but no one is really behind their own name. lol

And the signing has begun.

Great pic of Ben despite the blurry hand in front! :)

And a great pic of Barney with Ben & Jonathan

Smiley Daniel, Alex & Ciaran

Alex, Ciaran & Liam

Great pic of Liam!



Isaac & Ralph

Eoghan, Matthew Jansen & Tiarnan

Eoghan & MJ

I love this one!

Group 2 is up! No name tags for them?
Tom, Dylan, Nano Ben, Stefan, Josh, Matt, Jakub, Cassius, Matthew R-A, Carlos & Michael


Matt is smiling right at her! :D

Henry with the Collins brothers, Jude & Luke

Henry & Jude


Tom & Dylan

Darling pic of Nano Ben!

Stefan! So happy you are back! We missed you in the US!

Josh signing

Josh smiling. Wish this weren't blurry.


Excellent pic of Matt

Josh again. lol.

Newbie Jakub!

Awesome pic of Cassius!

Matthew R-A and Carlos

A bit of Carlos and Michael

Hannah's signed poster. Cool!

Signed CD. Cassius signed twice as Ca$$ so it's worth a lot of $. :)

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